Born in Cork to where I have returned having lived and worked in a variety of places ranging from Angola to Scotland and different parts of Ireland. I have been writing poetry! ! ! on and off for many years but never tried to have any published. I enjoy reading, sea fishing and hearing good yarns over a few beers.


Ed P Buckley Poems

The Majic World Of The Carousel

In that magic world of Carousels
Striped candy bars and tinkling bells
I see myself when as a boy
I revelled in unbridled joy... more »


The road to the lake is winding and steep
Sheep on the heather a lone vigil keep
Clouds on the mountain sit silent and still
‘Mid soft summer sounds as little birds trill... more »

Time To Slow

It is time to take things easy
It is time to take things slow
It is time to savour time he said
It is time to let things go... more »

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