• Bon Appetite Blues

    A bacon egg and cheese biscuit
    Is what I'd like the most
    Instead I have some melon
    and a piece of melba toast... more »

  • Butterfly Dreams

    I dream what it would be like to be a Butterfly
    See the wonder of their world through a thoughtful eye
    Taste the fragrant flowers drink the morning dew
    Play around the petals and pollinate a few... more »

  • Childs's Play

    Bouncing along the bubbling stream
    Adrift in a dance of shiny moonbeams
    Play hide and seek with the sun's many rays
    Climbing a rainbow riding it's waves... more »

  • Kiss A Witch

    What does it mean to kiss a witch
    Beneath a magic moon
    Hold her close till comatose
    From the spasms of her swoon... more »

  • Mirrors Of Delusion

    Fragile is the mirror
    Our psyche hides behind
    Reflecting our delusions
    From fear of what we find... more »

  • Sorrow's Bane

    Love is the one thing
    That keeps our spirits whole
    When Sorrow comes a knocking
    With hurts that touch our soul... more »

  • Stirrings

    Leaves of trees
    blanket my bed
    A silly old alleycat
    keeps watch at my head... more »

  • What Cost

    You ask of me
    To set them free
    When submission
    Is their seed... more »