• A Crying Sham

    A woman weeps and intones a harrowing dirge
    A loved one lost, she holds on to flitting images
    Suffering more than she can weep, needing more tears
    To wash away memories now encircling like gadflies... more »

  • A Day In August

    Today the rays of the sun lost its radiance
    It flew away with the summer birds to kinder climes
    The breeze no longer warmed, instead, an alien cold
    Brought in by the August rain hung clammily in the air... more »

  • A God At The Intersection

    He has the power to stop the flow of life,
    To hold the pulse with the wave of a hand
    And resume in stop and go the motion,
    Humanity in suspended animation.... more »

  • A Highland Hymn


    White billows rise from a patchwork lake... more »

  • A Long Day

    I sat listless
    My writing chair is hard
    I should change it
    It occupied me too much... more »

  • A Lovely Place

    what a lovely place
    and yet so cold and forlorn
    warmth and light soon comes
    let us gambol upon its coming... more »

  • A Lover's Complaint

    Never have I scrimped on the love
    I bestowed on you from the start.
    How now you doubt my ardor?
    Even the gods would have envied... more »

  • A Mariner's Homecoming

    Be ready for some rough and tumble, my love.
    Tonight I come as the wild man
    Home from the mythic seas of yore.
    I sailed the Doldrums and the dreaded triangle... more »

  • A Murderous Season

    His dark majesty rode in with fluttering cape shrouding the day
    With no bugles to herald, no chorus chanting his usurping of the light
    The people in the village huddled and together trembled with fright
    Pulled down the shades and barricaded the doors of straw and mud... more »

  • A Poet’s Off Day

    listless on a sofa,
    on a mental walkabout,
    upon a surreal scene,
    of crumbly purple glades... more »

  • A Pointillist Morning

    Off-white mist rising on the ridge
    Hurrying into the emptiness between trees
    Lost in a thick stroke of green curlicues
    Then splattered by a sudden breeze... more »

  • A Valentine Longing

    Do I recall saying,
    Lines that ardent swains’ whisper?
    Borrowed sonnets from the Portuguese... more »

  • A Wake In The Barrio

    Funeral wakes in our barrio
    Are simple but picturesque

    Amidst boiling cauldrons of... more »

  • Again, My Love

    You gave your love
    Nonchalantly, obliviously
    Like a day passing its memory
    To tomorrow.... more »

  • Anomie

    From within, glowing in all directions
    The pit of the coconut pulses
    Touching strange forests and alien strands
    Self numbed into nothing, nothingness... more »

  • Ants

    hush now and be still
    listen to the hustling ants
    leaves, kernel, grains
    busy lugging and hauling... more »

  • Aspic Goo

    I come with my senility in the cold of December
    Listening to raindrops and whistling for the wind
    I have become spineless, an aspic goo
    Face plastered upon a limestone seawall... more »

  • At The Movies

    The world of the silver screen is
    In high definition and Dolby sound

    All the drama, the horror... more »

  • Balinese Danse Macabre

    Red faced dancers on artful bowed legs
    Gold tipped fingers on an upward tilt
    Wide eyed but expressionless
    Beckoning with uncertain malice... more »

  • Bamboo In The Wind

    The black bamboo fronds reached high and low
    Swinging to every blustery blow of the westerly
    Up and down, to and fro, left and right
    But rising to straighten not staying low for long... more »

  • Bare Assed

    I come to you now unclothed, unwashed and unabashed,
    This is my barest, lowliest, truest self,
    With wanton passions brimming, ogling with animal intent
    This is me wallowing neck deep in the sweet but unctuous tar pit... more »

  • Being Human

    Lord I do not wish
    To hide from you,
    I’m too lazy, I say... more »

  • Bells Of Barangay San Jose

    The Bells of Barangay San Jose

    The bells of Barangay San Jose
    Rang against the din of the windblown rain... more »

  • But, I Wanted To Sing –

    Sparrows in my mind
    Scratching for ort
    Stirring a host
    Crowding in my bowels... more »

  • Bye, Bye Blackbird

    Singing from high tension wires
    Urging me to sing along
    Follow the frittering flashes... more »