Edgar Albert Guest Comments (44)

I hope you are not claiming you wrote Don’t Quit. It was written by Whittier
Looking for an Edgar guest poem Including “it’s a pretty good thing not to say it “
thanks for writing this poem it helps me figure out what type of person I want to be and going to be
very difficult poem
Looking for an Edgar Guest poem about an unplanned cold with the line who was needed most of all. Can anyone help me?
First read the poem Myselfin Sydney 1971 Australia. Wrote it down, Lost it & searched all the years for it. Thank you so much. Now have it again It will never leave me now.
Looking for the title of poem, allegedly by Edgarr A. Guest, starts I watched them tearing a building down
I have a signed copy by Edgar A. Guest The title of the poem is CLUB MANAGERS it was signed in 1954. When was this poem written?
I am looking for a poem that my husband says Edgar Guest wrote. One of the verses is Don't do this, Don't do that. Don't Annoy or Tease the Cat.
That's probably because he has been dead for almost 60 years.