Edgar Albert Guest Comments (44)

I am looking for a poem about a newspaper boy that begins: “He went his way and never knew how much his words had thrilled him through; he’d merely stopped upon the street to buy a newsboy’s printed sheet.”
As a Rotarian, I had a poem by Edgar Guest about Rotary. I used it in a talk I gave to a Rotary Conference. I cannot find the printed copy of it. Would love to have a copy of it.
I wrote the poem Myself in 1983 while at college, How? Please someone explain this to me. Only a few words different instead of wealth I used the word pelf, which means riches.
I want to put Eger Guest's Sermons we see in a book I'm writing. I can't find what year it was written. Or where I go for permission.
I have a poem that I have had for many many years. It has no title but starts with the line Oh Lad of mine, oh lad of mine, be never coldly dumb to me. I can't find it anywhere. It is written in calligraphy and signed Edgar R. Guest. I have had it under glass for 50 years. How can I find out if it an original?
Looking for the poem about green keepers. He's on the greens at break of day....
Looking for the poem by Guest called “Advertise me“ read it once
Sweet sixteen poem, it is an old poem
Fantastic one...Really heart techable...
Really nice poem search my Poem The nights of December