Edgar Allan Poe Comments (117)

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What a perfect. Songs 😍
Edgar Allan Poe is like an evening owl...His poems reverberate in the soul..
i didnt know pouya was a poet
I need this song to be mine
he might be edgar allen poe
This guy died young but he was an amazing poet 5 stars for all is poems =D
This is not Edgar Allen Poe
Gaye Yeet Geet Smeet Geet
according to my observations, this person is edgar allan poe
*smells armpit* wow, that is some heavy armpit saturation
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this dude look like a pedo
why does this guy look like he got dipped in a bucket of water and ready to clean your floors.
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Al Ahari is the best teacher
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i hate you guts you idiot
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Nice and heart touching