Edgar Allan Poe Comments (136)

I am obsessed with Poe. I have been a fan all my life. His poetry is so deep and heart touching I love him.
I named my dog after him
My dumb english teacher made me read this drunk's poems.
you creepy but happy valentines day
He is a great poet and writer
Here is a great poet and writer
Merci pareil a vous maman chrie
I saw the paycheck saying $0, I have faith...that...my cousin was like truley bringing home money parttime at there frat party.. there moms best frend got rayped had bean doing this for only about 90 months and a short time ago cleard the mortgage on there mini and bourt a brand new condom. this is where I went, www.ge-OIfellforit.
I myself am a practicing poet and Edgar Allan Poe is an inspiration to me. He was a true genius.
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