• A Single Rose

    A Single rose of love
    A Single rose of devotion
    A Single wish upon my lips
    A Single thought of you... more »

  • As The Sun Rises

    As the sun rises in the East
    So the breaking dawn of my love begins
    As the sun sets in the West
    I am over whelmed with a burning desire... more »

  • I Can'T Stop Thinking About Her! ! !

    (N) ever off my mind

    (O) ne of a kind... more »

  • I Dream Of You

    I dream of you and I
    Toghether in the sand
    I dream of you and I
    Togehter forever.... more »

  • Life Is Hard

    'Life is hard to live when I try not to
    think about you.'It's hard
    to give if I dont live with you. It's
    hard think without knowing you.... more »

  • My Fate Was Sealed

    'My fate was sealed the day we met.'
    My heart beated faster and faster.
    I knew it was loving, oh, true love.
    You made my heart sing.... more »

  • My Love

    My love for you is deep and true
    No matter what you do
    I'll always be there for you
    No matter where you go... more »

  • My Thoughts

    My thoughts, my dreams I never
    thought they come true.
    Days went by And i was still
    dreaming of you.... more »

  • One Kiss

    One kiss is all I want,
    To take away my tears,
    And give me a healthy smile.
    One kiss is all I want,... more »

  • Part Of You

    All I ever wanted was to be a part of your heart,
    And for us to be together, never to be apart.

    No one else in the world could even compare,... more »

  • Silvia

    (S) ometimes
    (I) wonder why I
    (L) ove you so
    (V) ery painful its is to me when... more »

  • Special

    (Y) ou are a lovely person,
    (O) ne of a special kind,
    (U) nderstandig and wonderful,
    (A) lways on my mind.... more »

  • Summers W/U

    S MMEr... more »

  • Where To Begin

    Where do I begin?
    My heart is aflame from passion.
    As I fall more in love with you.
    The sun doesn't compare to the heat.... more »

  • Will You Be The One For Me

    From heaven above,
    To the world below,
    I give you my love,
    For our eternal souls.... more »