• And The Rains Descended And The Floods Came

    NOW the far waves roll nearer and more near,
    The wind's awake, the pitiless wind's awake,
    It shrieks the menace that I dare not hear,... more »

  • Appeal

    Daphnis dearest, wherefore weave me
    Webs of lies lest truth should grieve me?
    I could pardon much, believe me:
    Dower me, Daphnis, or bereave me,... more »

  • As It Is

    If you and I
    Had wings to fly -
    Great wings like seagulls' wings -
    How would we soar... more »

  • At Evening Time There Shall Be Light

    THE day was wild with wind and rain,
    One grey wrapped sky and sea and shore,
    It seemed our marsh would never again... more »

  • At Parting

    Go, since you must, but, Dearest, know
    That, Honour having bid you go,
    Your honour, if your life be spent,
    Shall have a costly monument... more »

  • At Parting Ii

    AND you could leave me now--
    After the first remembered whispered vow
    Which sings for ever and ever in my ears--... more »

  • At The Feast

    EVOLVING, changing, onwards still we press--
    We must advance, invent, construct, possess;
    No matter what a price we have to pay,... more »

  • At The Gate

    THE monastery towers, as pure and fair
    As virgin vows, reached up white hands to Heaven;
    The walls, to guard the hidden heart of prayer,... more »

  • At The Last

    Where are you--you whose loving breath
    Alone can stay my soul from death?
    The world's so wide, I seek it through,... more »

  • At The Sound Of The Drum

    ARE you going for a soldier with your curly yellow hair,
    And a scarlet coat instead of the smock you used to wear?... more »

  • August

    LEAVE me alone, for August's sleepy charm
    Is on me, and I will not break the spell;
    My head is on the mighty Mother's arm:... more »

  • Autumn Song

    'WILL you not walk the woods with me?
    The shafts of sunlight burn
    On many a golden-crested tree
    And many a russet fern.... more »

  • Baby's Birthday

    BEFORE your life that is to come,
    Love stands with eager eyes, that vainly
    Seek to discern what gift may fit... more »

  • Before Winter

    The wind is crying in the night,
    Like a lost child;
    The waves break wonderful and white
    And wild.... more »

  • Betrayed

    I WENT back to our home to-day
    That still its robe of roses wore;
    My feet took the old easy way,
    And led me to our door.... more »

  • Birthday Talk For A Child

    DADDY dear, I'm only four
    And I'd rather not be more:
    Four's the nicest age to be--... more »

  • Bridal Eve

    GOOD-NIGHT, my Heart, my Heart, good-night--
    Oh, good and dear and fair,
    With lips of life and eyes of light
    And roses in your hair... more »

  • By Faith With Thanksgiving

    LOVE is no bird that nests and flies,
    No rose that buds and blooms and dies,
    No star that shines and disappears,... more »

  • Chagrin D'Amour

    IF Love and I were all alone
    I might forget to grieve,
    And for his pleasure and my own... more »

  • Chains Invisible

    THE lilies in my garden grow,
    Wide meadows ring my garden round,
    In that green copse wild violets blow,... more »

  • Children's Playground In The City

    THIS is a place where men laid their dead,
    Each with his life-tale of good or ill;
    Here prayers were murmured and hot tears shed,... more »

  • Child's Song In Spring

    The Silver Birch is a dainty lady,
    She wears a satin gown;... more »

  • Chloe

    NIGHT wind sighing through the poplar leaves,
    Trembling of the aspen, shivering of the willow,
    Every leafy voice of all the night-time grieves,... more »

  • Christmas

    WITH garlands to grace it, with laughter to greet it,
    Christmas is here, holly-red and snow-white,... more »

  • Christmas Hymn

    O CHRIST, born on the holy day,
    I have no gift to give my King;
    No flowers grow by my weary way;
    I have no birthday song to sing.... more »