Edmond Rand Biography

Edmond randria is an adult age 27, his mother's name rasoarimanana Charline and his father's name rasolomanana
Edmond, he studied at st Etienne ambanidia Antananarivo Madagascar (private school) until grade 12, he is also a missionary(preaching the gospel in south Africa Johannesburg) , he loves instrument especially guitar player, simple man but open for everyone, love talking to people especially those who he preached, he loves to preach the gospel, notwithstanding, he fight always for the real existence beyond all things we see in this life
As a missionary he knows that GOd prepare a place for all his children, called" plan of salvation) .Edmond rand is an person hard to be angry but easy to be sad because of sometime unreason or personally reason, he loves writing so far poem, sadh poem but he is a joyful person, something he always ask himself, because of unknown reason, he loves his country capital Antananarivo (Madagascar) , those who wants to be familiar with him
This following below is his details
Email address: freretiana@gmail.com
House address: II 39 TER AB AMPASANIMALO(Antananarivo Madagascar)
Postal code: 101 Antananarivo