• A Child Beneath A Willow After Reading Othello

    Dear willow, please tell me what I should do,
    When the evening sky has lost its hue,
    And winter’s sacred white is overdue?... more »

  • A Commoner's Complaint

    Must I sing my prayers as I was taught,
    While blatant atheists are never caught?
    Fie, fie, hark how those obstreperous feasts
    Abuse the decent night, where bloodshot men... more »

  • A Strifeless Walk


    I shall not be far away,
    From the lapping sea gently calling me;... more »

  • Among The Glowing Stars Would I Be Shown

    Among the glowing stars would I be shown,
    In murky perdition our stars be doomed,
    But how on earth could we as one be known?
    A wonder art thou in darkness bloom,... more »

  • An Errie Time

    This is an eerie time
    To make a living out of turning words into numbers
    The parable of the sower cannot save you
    And you try to save yourself by turning words into gold... more »

  • By The Store

    One ordinary night, when you are playing with your fingernail
    By the store, my dreary eyes are filled with seldom pleasure,
    Of finding alone right before them a hidden treasure,
    Proudly in triumph, as many a voracious eye fail... more »

  • Farewell To A Friend

    Farewell, my friend, the time for us to part
    Hath come, as festive banquets have to quit,
    By enduring Time, and our wavering heart,
    In which our capricious lives have to meet.... more »

  • Flushed With Toil At A Tender Night

    The sun, flushed with toil, is slowly leaving his watch,
    As tenderly the moon reveals her curve.
    Has it been five days since I last saw you?
    I do not readily recall,... more »

  • I Don’t Know How

    I don’t know how I could sleep-
    Oppression reigned my night;
    Trains of onerous thoughts trampled
    My mind, squeaking against... more »

  • In A Siesta

    I met Cupid the other day
    Lounging alone in the tranquil park,
    By the lively lake, on the soft-thatched clay,
    Where love was vowed in lay by faithful larks.... more »

  • Lie No More

    How with the track of time can we withstand,
    When Gaiety has become my enemy,
    And let me not enjoy her company,
    With whom my hours have lavishly been spent?... more »

  • Life Of A Cockroach

    There was a cockroach, struggling
    To survive on Christmas night,
    Away from its hidden nook, naked to all,
    Out into the unknown, for just a nibble;... more »

  • Many A Night I Ask The Stars On High

    Many a night I ask the stars on high,
    For whom a sylph aloft like thee would fall.
    They neither crawl away nor draw on nigh,
    Seeming not care to heed my plea at all.... more »

  • My Alarm Is Beeping As Yesterday

    My alarm is beeping as yesterday, waking me up in a confused state.
    My eyes see no incentive to welcome another day,
    My mind has no intention but to let my consciousness fade.
    The sun is giving out sparking rays,... more »

  • My Heart Is Sinking

    My heart is sinking
    Before the hustling crowd
    Whose words are heavy
    As their sights are loud.... more »

  • My Love Is Like An Eglantine In May

    My love is like an eglantine in May,
    Yet she’s so much sweeter and free of thorns;
    Nor she only blooms at some place or day,
    For she’s ever in my heart adorned.... more »

  • One Day At Work I Gazed Outside

    One day at work I gazed outside,
    Across the glass sev'n-storey high.
    I saw those same piles, tall and wide,
    Taking vast space right off the sky.... more »

  • Prudence, Hope And Love

    As though Descartes' divide is not enough,
    A duel between mind's con advocates,
    Stemmed from the selfsame root, o'er Love's beloved-
    One, Prudence, estimates and calculates,... more »

  • Remember Well, Remember Not

    When you should see the passing of the train,
    Remember not the voice that trails behind;
    When you should hear the falling of the rain,
    Remember not the day that once was fine.... more »

  • Resolution

    Why have you been so cold, consuming Life,
    That has swallowed my youth in scathing Strife
    For nothing- you motley, wild clay,
    Have you ever sat out a sinless day?... more »

  • See Sonnet 66

    O dear, how, my love, how can I stay strong
    In this wild age, when soul to flesh conforms,
    As madness reigns over where truth belongs?
    To see tawdry shows become beauteous forms,... more »

  • Shall We Sally Forth For The Fabled Land

    Shall we sally forth for the fabled land,
    Against the siren in the musty haze
    Where eyes look blind? There is no stave at hand
    To guide us through that starless field or maze... more »

  • Thou Art My Fifth Season

    How jocund is Spring if thou art missing?
    The nightingales' songs are sweetly sung,
    Yet, unwarranted, disrupt my musing
    On which thine apparition is up hung.... more »

  • To My Beloved Grandma

    At a dark hour the news is broken:
    Grandma has passed away last night.
    The hour has passed, and no more is spoken,
    For no word nor action can make it right.... more »

  • Unfinished

    A sole owl at night screeching,
    The priestess of spring near;
    Though harsh is her long preaching,
    Her company is dear.... more »