• A Dismal Diagnosis

    ... more »

  • A Fishy Comparison

    I can't understand the ambition
    Of people who love to go fishin'.
    Outsmarting your dinner
    Might say you're a winner,... more »

  • A Kiss For Poets

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  • A Painful Parting

    "I'll see you, " I waved as I went on my way,
    Well knowing the wager exceedingly weak
    That ever would dawn that ethereal day
    Of which in goodbyes we so speciously speak.... more »

  • A Somber Vow

    My somber vow: I'll fix my gaze on you
    And light for you an all-consuming flame,
    Yet you won't even know it when I do.... more »

  • A Sonnet To Sadness

    The ancient anguish of a hurting heart
    Bequeaths no beauteous scene to me today.
    It's just a jagged chasm gashed apart,
    A stream with boulders strewn in disarray.... more »

  • A Sure Lock On The Case

    As detective, I must be a hit,
    Since I'm praised for my keenly sharp wit:
    Oftentimes when I talk
    People call me Sherlock,... more »

  • A Zombie's Confusion?

    There's a haunt in my brain and it drives me insane:
    If my neurons, through mere computation,
    Can endow me with states of enjoyment and pain,
    Could a robot achieve true sensation?... more »

  • Achoo-Oo-Eww

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  • An American In Paris

    When Toby removed to Paree
    The people all called him Tobee.
    "That's not me, " he'd plead,
    Then finally concede... more »

  • Animal Instinct

    (preferably read in a Boston accent)

    When pesky problems piss you off
    At no one in particular,... more »

  • At The Risk Of Condescension...

    Don't hate the buffoon for his ignorant views;
    You'd pity instead if you walked in his shoes,
    For what you would find is
    The truth that a mind is... more »

  • Blake's Mistake

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  • Breaking The Spell

    (title shamelessly borrowed from Daniel C. Dennett's book of the same name)

    Brainwashed parents, brainwashed kids.
    Abort the vortex: hit the skids!... more »

  • Casey On Second

    The Mudville nine and Casey have their chance for sweet revenge;
    They play today in Dirtburg, their misfortune to avenge.
    Two mighty Casey homers have us leading, five to four.
    The bottom of the ninth arrives: three cheers for three outs more!... more »

  • Cogito Ergo Something

    The account of Descartes was redoubtable:
    “I exist, since this thought is undoubtable.”
    Mister Hume peered inside,
    Said, “I see naught besides... more »

  • Complex Number Psychology

    My thoughts of you, and yours of me,
    Can be portrayed mathematically:
    To sum up every complex trait
    We factorize and integrate,... more »

  • Cucumber Pie

    Are cucumbers cool
    As a general rule?
    How fresh is a daisy?
    Are loons always crazy?... more »

  • Dawn Of A New Age

    Come learn the sad lesson of World War Three.
    We fought it against a bizarre enemy
    Of our own creation, unwitting and free,
    Not guessing they'd dream up such bold treachery.... more »

  • Destiny's Railroad

    In times oft-forgotten great freight trains rolled through.
    Each boxcar was tagged in a swashbuckling hue,
    Flamboyantly hawking some stale, mawkish view.
    Now all that remains is the desolate track.... more »

  • Dormant Seeds

    The kamikaze martyr steels his nerves
    To seal the sacred mission of his life.
    He loves the all-important cause he serves,
    Yet dreams about his mother and his wife.... more »

  • Driving Me Mad

    ... more »

  • Einstein's Bent Lines

    Though we hail Albert E.'s creativity
    For his grand tour de force, relativity,
    It remains a tough climb
    To imagine space-time... more »

  • Epistemology In A Pickled Pepper Shell

    ... more »

  • Evolution Still In Progress

    When Darwin revealed our connection
    To apes via natural selection,
    Some gibbered, "You devil;
    How beastly to level... more »