• A New Hymn For Solitude

    I found Thee in my heart, O Lord,
    As in some secret shrine;
    I knelt, I waited for Thy word,
    I joyed to name Thee mine.... more »

  • Awakening

    With brain o’erworn, with heart a summer clod,
    With eye so practised in each form around,—
    And all forms mean,—to glance above the ground
    Irks it, each day of many days we plod,... more »

  • By The Window

    STILL deep into the West I gazed; the light
    Clear, spiritual, tranquil as a bird
    Wide-winged that soars on the smooth gale and sleeps,
    Was it from sun far-set or moon unrisen?... more »

  • Communion

    Lord, I have knelt and tried to pray to-night,
    But Thy love came upon me like a sleep,
    And all desire died out; upon the deep
    Of Thy mere love I lay, each thought in light... more »

  • Deus Absconditus

    SINCE Thou dost clothe Thyself to-day in cloud,
    Lord God in heaven, and no voice low or loud
    Proclaims Thee,--see, I turn me to the Earth,
    Its wisdom and its sorrow and its mirth,... more »

  • Durer's 'Melencholia'

    THE bow of promise, this lost flaring star,
    Terror and hope are in mid-heaven; but She,
    The mighty-wing'd crown'd Lady Melancholy,
    Heeds not. O to what vision'd goal afar... more »

  • First Love

    My long first year of perfect love,
    My deep new dream of joy; She was a little chubby girl,
    I was a chubby boy.... more »

  • In July

    WHY do I make no poems? Good my friend
    Now is there silence through the summer woods,
    In whose green depths and lawny solitudes
    The light is dreaming; voicings clear ascend... more »

  • In September

    SPRING scarce had greener fields to show than these
    Of mid September; through the still warm noon
    The rivulets ripple forth a gladder tune
    Than ever in the summer; from the trees... more »

  • In The Cathedral

    THE altar-lights burn low, the incense-fume
    Sickens: O listen, how the priestly prayer
    Runs as a fenland stream; a dim despair
    Hails through their chaunt of praise, who here inhume... more »

  • In The Cathedral Close

    IN the Dean's porch a nest of clay
    With five small tentants may be seen;
    Five solemn faces, each as wise
    As if its owner were a Dean.... more »

  • In The Garden I: The Garden

    PAST the town's clamour is a garden full
    Of loneness and old greenery; at noon
    When birds are hush'd, save one dim cushat's croon,
    A ripen'd silence hangs beneath the cool... more »

  • In The Garden Ii: Visions

    HERE I am slave of visions. When noon heat
    Strikes the red walls, and their environ'd air
    Lies steep'd in sun; when not a creature dare
    Affront the fervour, from my dim retreat... more »

  • In The Garden Iii: An Interior

    THE grass around my limbs is deep and sweet;
    Yonder the house has lost its shadow wholly,
    The blinds are dropped, and softly now and slowly
    The day flows in and floats; a calm retreat... more »

  • In The Garden Iv: The Singer

    "THAT was the thrush's last good-night," I thought,
    And heard the soft descent of summer rain
    In the droop'd garden leaves; but hush! again
    The perfect iterance,--freer than unsought... more »

  • In The Garden V: A Summer Moon

    QUEEN-MOON of this enchanted summer night,
    One virgin slave companioning thee,--I lie
    Vacant to thy possession as this sky
    Conquer'd and calm'd by thy rejoicing might;... more »

  • In The Garden Vi: A Peach

    IF any sense in mortal dust remains
    When mine has been refin'd from flower to flower,
    Won from the sun all colours, drunk the shower
    And delicate winy dews, and gain'd the gains... more »

  • In The Garden Vii: Early Autumn

    IF while I sit flatter'd by this warm sun
    Death came to me, and kiss'd my mouth and brow,
    And eyelids which the warm light hovers through,
    I should not count it strange. Being half won... more »

  • In The Garden Viii: Later Autumn

    THIS is the year's despair: some wind last night
    Utter'd too soon the irrevocable word,
    And the leaves heard it, and the low clouds heard;
    So a wan morning dawn'd of sterile light;... more »

  • Leonardo's 'Monna Lisa'

    MAKE thyself known, Sibyl, or let despair
    Of knowing thee be absolute; I wait
    Hour-long and waste a soul. What word of fate
    Hides 'twixt the lips which smile and still forbear?... more »

  • Love’s Lord

    WHEN weight of all the garner’d years
    Bows me, and praise must find relief
    In harvest-song, and smiles and tears
    Twist in the band that binds my sheaf;... more »

  • The Initiation

    UNDER the flaming wings of cherubim
    I moved toward that high altar. O, the hour!
    And the light waxed intenser, and the dim
    Low edges of the hills and the grey sea... more »

  • The Secret Of The Universe

    AN ODE
    (By a Western Spinning Dervish)... more »