• Block

    I cannot think
    There is nothing to write
    My mind is blank
    The pages are white... more »

  • For Her

    Broken lives
    Perfect dreams
    In my heart
    Still haunt me... more »

  • None

    You think the war is just begun
    You think you are going to have some fun,
    You think you’ve got me pinned down,
    But I am moving to higher ground... more »

  • Reality?

    As I walk through my day
    Taking numerous steps
    I think... more »

  • Salvation

    I am breaking
    Shaking... more »

  • Somthing Or Other

    I love you
    More than you can know
    I love you
    More than I can show... more »

  • The Ghost

    I float through this world without friend to my name
    Why I am here I cannot explain
    I try to be nice, but am just ignored
    No one can see and I cannot explain... more »

  • The Man Inside Of Me

    Inside of me there is a man
    Whose heart is broken
    Whose life is a sham... more »

  • The Poet

    Here I sit
    Doing the last thing I thought I’d ever do
    Writing this poem for you... more »

  • The Runaway

    I had tried
    For so long
    To do things
    I could not do on my own... more »

  • The Soldier

    The man just stood there
    In the midst of the slain
    His sword in his hand
    His armor on his back... more »

  • The Travalers

    I have waited
    For a long time
    To find a friend who could read my mind
    Someone who will always be there... more »

  • The Travler

    My hand if feeble
    My life is frail
    All my time has been spent
    Walking a long trail... more »

  • The Truth

    All our lives we strive for our rights, from the day were born until the day that we die
    We never give a thought until the time comes what will happen after we are dead and gone
    We work all our lives; we toil and sweat, and never want to think about what happen after death
    Our bodies are feeble, and our strength is frail, and in the end only our spirits will prevail... more »

  • What I Cannot Let Them See

    I have tried so hard
    My life is a sham
    I cannot express myself for who I am
    I have longed to find... more »