Edward Hester Biography

Son of a Russian White Army Colonel and daughter of a Greek Shipping Heiress, tried for treason in 1945 by Lebenon but got off cause I wasn't Lebanese. I was however convicted for illegal entry on a conterfeit passport and spent the next 16 months in a middle eastern prison. Escaped with the aid of CIA to Brazil, but had contracted scurvy and lost my finger to a scorpion bite. Lost my feet to frostbite in Antartica. Discovered lost Aztec gold in sunken Spanish galleon when I was a pirate in Caribean. But lost that when I had to pay overdue medical bills for removing feet and finger. Sold letters to lawyers as book to prominent publishing company; became best seller for stupidest letters to lawyers. Lived off royalties for two weeks. Took up with bag lady. She married me and later I discovered she was heir to fortune, so retired to North Carolina and now am living off her largess.