Edward Kofi Louis 13th October 1961

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Love is not a decision! It either hits you or, leaves you.
Dedicated to the muse of love.
Cease the war and, ease your mind with righteousness than evil.
Towards peace
Love is the key of life; bringing us together.

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Only esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis will be called by me as 'First Reflection'. Anybody may call him by any other name..but he is my 'First Reflection'! I love him so much! May God bless this innocent poet, a great gentleman!
I call esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis as 'First Reflection'. A title of honor can't be whimsically conferred by a person! ! Of course one may do so for his own delight...it is just like a fun! As a name given to a person is not copyrighted the same way esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis will always be lovely called me as 'First Reflection'..Here there is no confusion!
Every word of Edward is beautiful. Those are short but profound. It has a philosophy of life. I find peace to read them.
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