Edward Kofi Louis Comments (38)

Nicely spoken i hear YOUR thoughts from far away through this poem rather speaking without talking
Kofi, know what counts in poetry.see his images fly with the Muse of Truth!
A master poet...All time great...an ocean like knowledge...
Edward Kofi Louis is a great poet who always makes his readers thoughtful. I love reading his poems.
Edward Kofi Louis is truly great versifier in this reverend literary site. His contributions illuminate this site greatly. As a poem reviewer he keeps also keen insightful. The below of my little effort Tribute him- E-aux-De-Colognes his poems are D-elight the heart of reader W-aken the sense with true fragrance A-bsolve the verse soul to soul R-oses are abloom here D-ecade after decade to unite all
K-ingdom of poem greets him O-n the original throne F-air and pure loving theme I-lluminate godly crown L-ook; o’ dear reader, come sure O-n his poetic boat take a tour U-biquitous of this reverend site I-ncarnate yourself with his poetic guide S-age he is in his versification light
Edward Kofi Louis, if you missed him on PH you will never come to know about the true love, wise advise and poetic essence, he is a poet who write poems, meticulously with his heart and soul. He is a great human being, I like his tribute poems on fellow poets, God bless him with good health.
EKL Invites all to stay united without racial feelings. He is simple and very down to the earth and a sober man. Wish him a sparkling future literary career!
On behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poet Edward Kofi Louis born on 13th October 1961 in Accra, GHANA, as, Rapid Sky. From today on-wars he will be known as Rapid Sky Edward Kofi Louis. This honourary title is offered to him due to his continuous literary perseverance. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.
Edward Kofi Louis a versatile poet, kind and truthful, has thousands of poems to his credit and has touched readers' hearts with his grace, humility, kindness and wisdom.Fighting the most adverse situations he has risen to great heights, but never forgets his humble background.He has the most benevolent heart and encourages the new poets through his inspiring comments.I am amazed by his rich creativity both in terms of quantity and quality. I salute this great poet.(Part-II)