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A person who offers a title of honor may take it as his pleasure but this is purely unofficial. A name given to a person cannot be copyrighted. Similarly, the way title of honor offered to you can't be copyrighted! Please don’t get misguided ……title of honour, 'First Reflection’ is given to you delightfully with love!
To avoid confusion here by I clarify that the title of honour, 'First Reflection, ' is given to poet Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta on date 1/8/2019 1: 43: 00 PM and copyrighted. This title is conferred to him after a deep assessment. The title of honour given to poet Edward Kofi Louis after a deep assessment is, 'Rapid Sky, ' on date 10/1/2018 4: 10: 00 PM and and reserved.
We honour both the noble poets like RAPID SKY Edward Kofi Louis and FIRST REFLECTION Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta. Both of them have greatness in their writings. May God bring happiness for them both.
Edward writes with precision of a Mathematician and the graciousness of a true artiste. Wishing you dear Poet many, many more poems of love and peace. With best wishes and regards
What i love most about Edward Kofi Louis is that his poems exude goodness and virtuousness. I have never read a single poem of his that has even a tinge of negativity. I salute this top Poet of Poem Hunter..
He is always honest through and through! I " met " him when I was in Ghana last year, I met his town called ACCRA, The Edward not yet, a very pity, I was a fortnight in Ghana to visit my youngest son with his beloved family, my unforgettable grand-baby-son now two years old last 4th of July 2019. At this moment they are in Thailand. Enjoyed your beautiful brevities, dear Edward! I know you too well on PH. Always PEACE, dear friend
Only esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis will be called by me as 'First Reflection'. Anybody may call him by any other name..but he is my 'First Reflection'! I love him so much! May God bless this innocent poet, a great gentleman!
I call esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis as 'First Reflection'. A title of honor can't be whimsically conferred by a person! ! Of course one may do so for his own delight...it is just like a fun! As a name given to a person is not copyrighted the same way esteemed poet Edward Kofi Louis will always be lovely called me as 'First Reflection'..Here there is no confusion!
Every word of Edward is beautiful. Those are short but profound. It has a philosophy of life. I find peace to read them.
Edward? You...are...tremendous.