Edward Kofi Louis Quotes

The market is for the wise and the fool.
War creates enemies and refugees.
The result of war.
Hatred destroys friendship.
Hatred destroys best friends.
The answers of life are in our own hands; if only if we will seek after righteousness and live in peace.
To commit suicide will not end your problems in life; because, you still have to face the judgement seat.
Life passes through ages; as, there are stages for each one of us. By Edward Kofi Louis.
The truth is always the truth; no matter how many times you try to cover it with lies. By Edward Kofi Louis.
True love accepts the laws; and, he or she is always ready for the truth. By Edward Kofi Louis.
True love.
To eat the meal of love and to seal the deal with the truth. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Love and art.