Edward Kofi Louis Quotes

Water in the wilderness of love and peace; and, with the meditation of the soul showing the colours of life in the name of righteousness. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Life is based on love if we want peace. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Motivate your mind and your spirit and, don't be on the side of the tide of life always. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Educate your mind with love and peace and, let righteous morals come out of you. By Edward Kofi Louis.
A terrorist bombed a market place! Aiming to kill his or her enemies; but, the bomb also killed his friends and relatives. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Evil act.
If you bomb the market place to kill your enemeies, you may also kill your friends and realtives along the line. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Evil act.
Education in war brings war to all mankind. By Edward Kofi Louis.
War destroys everything.
Once upon the muse of hope, once upon the fountains of water, once upon the valleys of dreams, once upon the mountains of love; with the gragrance of life and the muse of the laws, where the truth rules in the walled city. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Peace is with sincere love and sincere joy! Under the muse of the laws. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Put your children on the right tracks of life; so that, their future may be bright. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Educate your children in righteousness.