Edward Kofi Louis Quotes

If a white person visits Africa, the black children run after him or her; trying to touch him or her. On the other hand, if a black person travels back to this white person's country, no white children come out running after him or her. Why is it so? This is something that we have to chew on and learn from; for the wisdom od nature. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Shake the world with love! And, you will see smiles on the faces of mankind; shake the world with the wickedness of war! ! And, darkness will cover the face of the whole world. By Edward Kofi Louis.
The truth always brings in smile to you and i; and, with joy to the heart. By Edward Kofi Louis.
A bucket half full is a bucket half empty. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Shakespeare came and wrote; and now, it is my time. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Love touches the heart and, it moves into that direction. By Edward Kofi Louis.
In everything, add the truth to it; like salt for taste. By Edward Kofi Louis.
Love sometimes is only expressed by the eyes; than saying out the words. By Edward Kofi Louis.
I may not be a king, i may not be a queen, i may not be a prince, i may not be a princess, i may not have money; but, i have the truth and the joy of life! By Edward Kofi Louis.
Some teachers may not act like some preachers! But, their words are as sweet as the honeycomb. By Edward Kofi Louis.