• A Mystery To Him

    What she thought of all he'd just said
    Would remain a mystery, as so much
    About her remained a mystery to him,... more »

  • Beauty Was Everywhere

    I may have stood there for an hour,
    In water up to my knees, watching
    The sun go down. Boats moved... more »

  • Born To Water

    How can anything born to water
    Look so drowned? Your sad eye,
    Half closed, sees nothing.... more »

  • My Father

    When my father was alive,
    We had very little to say
    To each other, but now... more »

  • Natural Buoyancy

    Beneath the waters, since I was a boy,
    I have felt the tug of gravity pulling
    Me down. This all-too-heavy body... more »

  • Passage

    He clings to him full-body,
    His face buried in the mane.
    One of his legs is thrown over... more »

  • Poetry Slam

    By the foot of the bed,
    from memory, I recite
    D'Invilliers' quatrain.
    “Then wear the gold hat”... more »