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Sound, well-written, meaningful poetry makes every word count. There can be no waste, for the world of literature, published and amateur, abounds with much froth and little substance. Really good poetry, I feel! It is visceral and scant and so damned elusive, yet so soulishly refreshing, and even redeeming. My most sublime intimate encounters (which our present culture is decadently drowning in) , somehow pale next to a finished work that stands in excellent regard. My mind and heart are best freed with the penning of well-put wordings, again, precious and rare. If I can but now and then capture this realm, plain and simple, but no less powerful and endearing, then my craft inches forward, and, so, satisfied, smile a sigh ;) My deepest regards to the poetic community! Yippy Skippily Yours ;))) E. Serof


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*Irish archaic: eager to taste or enjoy

A wood most wild,
Deep,... more »

En Route

From my bus mirror
I see him... more »

White Columns

to the many wee morning hours when...

Brown pelicans waft palmetto fronds, each wing flap knicking bay ripples.
Sleek mullet lurch at harbored lunch, pulsing silvery missiles... more »

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