• A Day To Remember

    As the sun shines
    its' rays spreads in our hearts....
    as we take a long walk
    through the shades in the park... more »

  • An Open Heart

    An open heart is given from birth
    recieving everything without a grudge
    it stands to believe, doesn't protest
    answering every question honestly........ more »

  • Chasing The Wind

    Chasing the wind
    Is like chasing shadows
    You’d never know why you are shallow
    Your thought encompass you... more »

  • Cries Of A Mother....

    A woman on her knees
    tears in her eyes
    wanting and asking
    when she would concieve,... more »

  • Freedom

    Creeping slowly into my thoughts
    you got me free and open to express
    your freedom blossoms i race
    through the streets of my mind,... more »

  • Green White Green...To My Fellow Nigerians!

    Arise o! fellow countrymen
    Arise and array yourselves i splendour
    come and carry this weight of armour
    and fight for your space o! countrymen... more »

  • I Am...(Who I Am)

    I am
    where do i begin?
    out of a cocoon, i slide
    relish as i guide... more »

  • I Dodged A Bullet

    I dodged a bullet two weeks ago In that shopping mall
    A bullet, caramel skinned; moisturized
    That almost left a sister’s chest
    Spurting red spots everywhere... more »

  • I Rise

    Looking beyond
    I see the future
    Not knowing where my
    Rising will fall on... more »

  • In Search Of Nothing (Emptiness)

    What is this thing everyone is looking for?
    men, women, boys and girls
    all search for this.... more »

  • Infatuation

    Foolishness intensified
    some sort of short live passion,
    truth and honesty are not in it...
    stupidity and blindness, whereas Adultrated... more »

  • Just Like A Child

    (A love song with Chrisphael)

    He: I am here to play, not to fight... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness, oh! Loneliness
    Lonely in the deepest sepulcher
    Of our hearts….... more »

  • My City, My Town

    My city, my town
    The day u were birthed
    No one regretted... more »

  • My Friend Fom Hell!

    To you, who lay deep in my heart
    Buried in the sanctuary of my thought,
    For many years you remained, not willing
    to go away...... more »

  • My Greatest Valentine

    I drifte into this day
    and suddenly realised it's valentines day
    I pondered upon how many valentines day
    i have spent...... more »

  • My Life Took A U-Turn....

    All i could do was
    stare at the ceiling....
    body, shaking, unable to
    mutter any words....... more »

  • Oh! Please Lift Me

    When i walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I shall fear no evil....the devil?
    As i drift into this dungeon of calamity
    I will not be afraid to deal with,... more »

  • Poetry....

    Something unimaginable
    Sprung out of the concrete ground
    Something so special to all minds
    Out of this ground comes forth beauty... more »

  • Point Of No Return....

    From out of my window
    looking at the sun rise
    its' light blinding me,
    taking a bold step,... more »

  • Raging Wind

    As an uninvited guest
    alongside the whisperer
    not minding who was there
    you showed fury and anger,... more »

  • Ready Or Not

    Life, like a dream never goes away
    Life, like grief hoping to fade away
    Its actions, very swift
    And never slips away... more »

  • Red Hot Girl....(To My Friend Vivien)

    With her beauty, like a supermodel
    she sweeps you off your feet.

    Like the CID,... more »

  • Temptation...

    Do not creep...
    I crept until i bumped my head
    against a wall!... more »

  • The Ex-Factor....(Remembering Him!)

    Poetry, symphony
    love is in the air...
    out of my house, looking
    listening to the birds sing... more »