Eeva-Liisa Manner was a Finnish poet, playwright and translator. She was born in Helsinki but spent her youth in Vyborg (Viipuri). Manner started as a poet in 1944 (Mustaa ja punaista; "Black and Red"). From her breakthrough collection of poems, Tämä matka ("This Journey", 1956) she has been seen as one of the most influential modernists in postwar Finland.

Eeva-Liisa Manner wrote over fifteen original collections of poems, plays for theater and radio, novels and short prose. She translated widely contemporary and classic literature, including names like William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Hermann Hesse, and Franz Kafka.

Her work has been translated to many European languages. Translation of Manners Selected Poems in English was published in 1997.


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I will show you a way
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Ethan Edwards 27 Aug 08:34
Thank you for the translations of this great poet... one of my favortie of her poems is availible in English here... [https: //.youtube/watch? v=jFri0DqIXyw& " Take these cacooned words" - Poem by Eeva-Liisa Manner - translated into English and set to film by Sari Nordman