Efe Benjamin Nov.19,1985

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Purpose (Sept.2014)
If there is anything within I must be proud of in my lifetime, it is what I have said; what I have written, what I have done, what I believe, and what I have thought people about.. . Why are we here? Same question that pops into mind every time we ponder life. What is the purpose of existence, who did create everthing that we see in today? Philosophers gave answers to this, religion did same, and even paganism all have differing ideas to this same budding question that is eluding many today. But what must we believe, which is right and which is wrong? I have pondered about so many times. But truely I have found the answer lies within you, and within me. In the begining there was nothing, only chaos and void, and out of this chaos (nothingness) came a God who said 'Let there be light' and create everything. But you ask; who is this God, who has seen Him before, who has touched Him, who has talked to Him? Answer is obvious enough, none. Because God is not a man, He is not like you, and He is not like me, but is He a spirit like some cultures believe? Well that is for your own personal conviction, but rationally speaking, God is a force, a force of nature called Love, though cannot be touched or seen but sometimes could be felt, because He is within you, and live inside of each individual, that was why in the begining when all was created, He said: Let us make man in our image, and after our likeness and let them have dominion over all things (Gen 1: 6) . Now if logically God is not man, because he cannot be seen or touched, He is a force which sometimes could be felt depending on personal relationship with him. So this same force which is Love have created everything in the beginning. And now He says We shall make man in our own image and likeness which means man was created in Love, from Love, in the same image and likeness of Love, which gives the purpose of man and existence as Love. We exist today because Love created everything, for we exist only to Love, and be Loved, not just God, but also everything that is created by Love (God) . But if today this same Love is no more within, inside the heart of man, then the whole purpose of our world and creation will be defeated and the world will plunge back to the beginning before it was created (Chaos) .

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keep making NIGERIA proud
kudos to your creaitivity
It's good to meet someone 4rm the same country, u have wounderful poems here