• (i Still Miss) You

    I miss you like a part of me
    has gone. Pain, like my right arm
    deserted me for a day.
    I think about you all the time... more »

  • (i Think I) Want You

    Immortal, incomparable
    Inconceivable to many, this truth:
    As the stars washed up on
    painful shores, night falls.... more »

  • (i'M In) Lust

    I don't believe in love, I decided long ago:
    that other hearts were summer heat and mine was winter snow
    I despised them for their impudence, oh such a long way to go!
    I bet myself another life that I would never feel too... more »

  • (life Support) Goodbye Grandpa

    Others could tell you how he is there.
    What went wrong, what stopped ticking,
    Where health, medicine, science failed.
    I am more interested in why he is there.... more »

  • (much) Too Much

    We’re moving at the speed of light,
    this beaming endless never
    Regretting path through life
    and love and loss, it flashes past before... more »

  • (never) Letting Go

    In the blackness I prowl around my house, a loop of small town minds through mine.
    I tried my hand at filmmaking, discovered that Hollywood's a lie.
    America doesn't mind. She broods discontentment. She makes our ocean widen.
    But the scalpel of age, it is I who can't make it cut.... more »

  • (out Of All Those) Stars

    Out of the darkness beating down
    Out of the clasping icy cage
    Where my heart has lain for countless hours
    Onward seems the only way.... more »

  • (part 1) Unremarkable

    The day I killed a leader with my brushstrokes was unremarkable.

    I sat in silence, an epiphany
    of thought made my pencil throb against lily... more »

  • (part 2) Uninhabited

    The river is rife with the late spring life
    and trees are teeming with birds that are singing
    and the parks and the streets play host to children
    playing, smiling, laughing.... more »

  • (part 3) Unrequited

    For your hand,
    your eyes,
    your lips,
    I would give my whole heart.... more »

  • (what) I Am

    I am a
    Deliriously dizzy daydreaming despot deluded downwards
    Into inviting incriminating incidents. I
    am an activist, antisocial atheist addict and apprehensive always about... more »

  • 11/10

    I'll never be the same
    Crystal heart in a glass body
    High praise for a lady
    Hair draped every so softly... more »

  • 15th January

    All the old knives that have rusted in my back,
    I drive into yours.

    I knew this was coming,... more »

  • 5am Lovesick

    But, knowing would
    tulips, dowager, contagious, duty, coyote, planes,
    I'm picking up on your contrasting... more »

  • 5am Regretful

    Pretend never hurts, as I fall, hold me. It means nothing.
    Maybe so elegant, wish-fulfilment, parade of idiocy mistreated me,
    like fools worshipping mistakes when in paradise
    remembering all night to go back. Insight,... more »

  • 5am Terrified

    Every creak of this house that is not my home
    soaks into bone, mildewed, honeyed, broken.
    You shift in bed and I hear, your million-miles-away in
    dreamland, yet you are so near.... more »

  • -84%

    (Do not swear, here is your redemption.)

    You are so calm and full of grace
    A winner of our IQ race... more »

  • A Call From Misery

    Misery calls, I answer:
    Not today, dear,
    Today I am happy.
    Like water, like sun... more »

  • A Horse!

    It seems a shame to write for the sake of writing,
    when words don't effortlessly flow.
    Maybe I will write tomorrow.
    Tomorrow is always an alternative... more »

  • A Week Has Passed...

    In company so divine
    It does not pay to pine
    for more of your precious time.
    Nothing could happen anyway.... more »

  • About War

    On my left stood Custer, Lincoln, and Josef S.
    with gleaming buttons and faces of stone
    And to my right waited Napoleon, Mohammad,
    Karadžić , Franz Ferdinand, with... more »

  • All I Am Thinking Of...

    Daydream lands of pure white sands.
    Palm tree skylines and fire-warmed hands.
    Nobel Prizes, mountains, feathers, disguises.
    Poker chips. Pirate ships.... more »

  • All Time Is Dangerous


    All time is white with you
    For all time is black without.... more »

  • Ambigious (Is It Friendship?)

    Borax soap on a 'wooden' table.
    Get me my UV Light- see the sparkles.
    It's not really clean!... more »

  • An Ode To Him

    This, to tell my feelings,
    This, to end my dreaming.
    Desire manifests in all the places it should
    But it should not.... more »