• October 10th 2009

    I have never wanted anyone as much as I did you today.
    It was in your eyes, in the way
    you half blushed, lips curling then scared, I looked away,
    then turned to meet your electric gaze.... more »

  • Paranoia

    It’s in the grass, it’s in the trees
    It’s in the very air you breathe
    A sickly scent, a telling rush
    A sideways glance that makes you blush... more »

  • Pity

    Pity comes in waves, like adulation with a bullethole,
    Relief that they're not the one slamming doors to slam you
    out of their life.
    I see their pity, it reflects like a dusty CD. The scratches, well,... more »

  • Rather Die Than Lie

    You know if I wasn't tied down I'd leap to the chance
    A bird on the wing, flying free, but I'll never do what she
    did to you to him, that's just not me.
    How sweet your torture, however bare your heart laid... more »

  • Soon

    This foot square, this unholy heathenish latticed slab,
    upon which rests so much and so little
    contains my heart within its grain, and it
    will not give it back.... more »

  • Sudden Fame

    Witchy eyes turn to me and stare
    Inciting a reaction
    I don't care.
    A thousand people quizzically compare... more »

  • Sway

    Love forever love is free
    Love in places makes you see
    Oh! This world is so big it's small
    With all the bitterness and all...... more »

  • Tell No One

    Tell me why, I dont like Mondays.
    Tell me the truth.
    Tell me all I ever want is right in your next smile.
    Tell me you'll always be here.... more »

  • The Cross-Town Walk Home

    The cross-town walk home kills me everytime, when weaving through parkland, my pysche wanders a different path
    l replay those moments, short and sweet and salty and the laughter pealing from a rain-stained face as l watch you exist, beautifully, but
    l'm scared, so scared.
    The cross-town walk gnaws at my chilling bones and the way l say 'belly' echoes in my ears as l imagine mine growing... more »

  • The First Time I Saw Her (My Heart Nearly Stopped)

    There she was, juxtaposed in my line of sight
    Prim and proper yet prima donna
    Coruscating in the early morning light.
    With twirling hair like copper and almond eyes that knew... more »

  • The Girl Called Catrin

    Have you seen Catrin on that Vogue page lately?
    She's the after,
    the finished product,
    the red cloak unmasked mirrored... more »

  • The Other Half Of Me

    Oh, champion of the upturned nose, half-smile,
    tilted head and knowing look,
    how is it that you can read me so well?
    It can't be in my eyes, they are closed to the world.... more »

  • They Tell Me I Have A Genetic Pre-Disposition...

    ... to heart break
    Eyeball ache
    Roving, shuddering, slowing as I
    Sickly down in bed, lie... more »

  • Things To Come

    It's been a week.
    We'll speak
    when my head comes down out of the clouds.
    This new life, it's ours.... more »

  • This Month's Relief

    This relief is indescribable.
    There seems a light now, a hope again
    like the gag of a prisoner has been taken,
    and he can breathe.... more »

  • Those Four Small Words

    Pouring thoughts unto paper
    is quite unlike your style
    Except you inadvertently lose
    control once in a while... more »

  • Vision

    I can see you
    Every minute of each day
    As you work and as you play
    I can see you... more »

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    on top of the world I know I'm flying
    so why do I feel I should be crying
    one more shot one more one more
    shivering in the wind behind a dark door... more »

  • Ww3

    Dark and dim, a battle overhead.
    Fear is in the air, sweeping around,
    screaming in ears that mute out all of the sounds of the horrors unseen.
    They know... more »

  • You Belong In The Stars

    I don't want to hurt you,
    pain please wash away,
    holding your hand a while, your heart,
    your eyes, their depth... more »