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*******son Of Hidden Sun (Lyric) *******

son of hidden sun
lead them with invocation
isn't with flying lizard
that will make you more sincere... more »

********warlords (Blood Sky) (Lyric) *******


Political passion tends to change the skies into an ocean... more »

Sparta Praha Books 1: 1 (Lyric)

purple violet breaking the gold sand
praising voice in ocean fog
his colour is blue, like you're eyes old light
barrien on the tingles blood crystal powder... more »

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Vidi Writes 14 Apr 2008 02:57
Its not the lanhuage alone, we readers search The theme inside, we mainly perch In this tender age its a great notch Your call to read you, is my clutch All the best... to your approach.
Egi David Perdana 19 Mar 2008 02:32
my poems it's poor gram and language yes I intend this my style