• Breaking News

    My heart stolen by Magi found dead
    Where no air nor water to flourish it
    When Zeus knew the news, he was dread
    Who murdered it? - Magi did that.... more »

  • I'm Palestine

    I'm Palestine
    The sad Palestine
    The raped Palestine
    I'm the sacred shrine... more »

  • Opera Ghost (O.G.)

    O.G.! O.G! Who created thee?
    Who made thee love? Who made thee see?
    Who made thee feel? Who can tell me
    Why were I and thee meant to be?... more »

  • The Black Pig

    Kill me because I'm black
    Slay me with a blunt knife
    Set fire to my corpse
    Put it in a black sack... more »

  • Tulips

    Four walls and a door
    Unpainted ceiling and a floor
    Unwanted heart with lots of wounds
    And the pain is more and more... more »