• "Dude, I'm Ripped! "

    Jason, not the slasher,
    But the stasher, hoarding all the quick quips
    Goofy kid, silly teenager,
    Always up to something... more »

  • "Oh Yeah, Tough Sky? "

    Storms the sound of indigestion,
    Moaning throughout the day
    This is the action out there,
    Causing him to gaze upward, shake his fist, and exclaim, "Oh yeah, tough sky? "... more »

  • A Bad Hand To Play

    He could be quite preposterous,
    With trivial demands and paranoid fantasies
    Such a card,
    But on certain days he was a bad hand to play... more »

  • A Greater Whole

    Fighting words with words,
    But the aggressive spirit feels unrewarded,
    Sanctioned by the value of duality to change course,
    To represent a great whole other than himself... more »

  • A House With No Tomorrow

    This misshapen Eden is coming to an end,
    It's all past tense right now,
    Just waiting for the ink to dry,
    The towel to be thrown,... more »

  • A Joker's Game

    Ran to places,
    Shown the paces,
    Yet still spinning his wheels
    Stammering, stumbling,... more »

  • A License For Anger

    They say that life is the some of your experiences,
    Well then, many of his life experiences have been dark
    Just keeping the lights on has taken some effort,
    Most everything simply exhausting... more »

  • A Life Gone Bent

    He gets her in trouble at times,
    But at least he makes things feel different
    Hers is a life gone bent,
    A tragedy created from bits and pieces of negative moments that grew in stature,... more »

  • A Life Sadistic

    Personal prisoner,
    He's the one who holds himself back;
    Trapped by the sword or by choice,
    No matter,... more »

  • A Reliable Sunset

    Floods, torture, emotional distraction,
    Dutiful, hardly beautiful, intended destruction
    Attempting progress, viewing no sightlines
    He needs a new time, place, and wardrobe,... more »

  • A Sad Case Of Mistaken Propensity

    Time to whine,
    Maybe dine,
    Peanut butter has been his savior,
    Hobo candlelight brighter than his night vision,... more »

  • A Series Of Desperate Moments

    Makes no sense, it's all past tense,
    Where did the feeling go?
    Another day, another way,
    Yet it all feels like less than before... more »

  • A Squeeze Please

    Walls talks about their water,
    Wish their history on you, but never on purpose,
    Yet, were, soft,
    A Squeeze please, for the concerned,... more »

  • Among The Daily Stroll

    Nothing left to disfigure, nor anything to shape,
    Safe places have become a footnote among the daily stroll
    He has difficulties living with the fact that so many people have died,
    Place that are supposed to be home, without them don't feel like a home... more »

  • An Unsuccessful Adult

    One of those tin can stories:
    Lived in and kicked around
    Struggling to exist,
    The bled ink on the margins of life... more »

  • Another Piece On Love

    Give it a rest, they say,
    I don't want to hear your problem, they exclaim,
    But sure, here's another piece on love
    Not a safe love, more of one that made him feel marginalized... more »

  • At The Mercy Of Certain Affiliations

    The mad scientist,
    The angry homeowner,
    What they have in common is that their relativity is off-balance
    Given stock answers through various services,... more »

  • Biting The Big One

    Yellow Journal is the shark,
    Biting the big one
    Hyperbole belongs in a place that can't see daylight,
    So bring a working flashlight,... more »

  • Blood Tightrope

    Too many caustic interruptions,
    Causing the frequency to be damaged,
    Cannot hear and do not want to view what is ahead,
    Only being the blind can lead the way this time... more »

  • Buy It, Full Price

    About to buy it, full price;
    Have to, as morals have taken a plunge
    When there was a Plan B in place,
    Such a decision was considered immaterial... more »

  • Catch A Phase

    Not much time to write right,
    Just enough time to "catch a phrase"
    Hello mother, hello farther: travel well
    He had a "wheel" malfunction,... more »

  • Condemned House

    As the curtain draws to a close on the condemned house,
    The man reflects on 1993, when him, his family, and the property, they came to be
    1994 was a bore,
    1995 he felt alive,... more »

  • Confusion Clearly Reigns

    More to say than room to say,
    Though that doesn't matter,
    Since he's never really lived in space anyway
    He's a liar, sure,... more »

  • Continuing To Use Human Conditioner

    Every day is as if it happened yesterday,
    Not feeling the distance necessary to make the future a reasonable goal
    Continuing to use human conditioner,
    Rinsing thoroughly with emotional investment,... more »

  • Coward's Opus

    The stomach is full,
    Heart is lacking,
    What to do,
    When it all feels through?... more »