• A Demon`s Mass

    Your eyes are deep, but full of death,
    Today we have a demon`s mass,
    I am with angels on my side,
    You are with darkness just inside.... more »

  • A Desert Flower

    All times are nothing if you`re dead,
    And our pleasure is just pain,
    If you don`t see the soul you had
    And understand your love is main…... more »

  • A Harlequin

    I am a girl without happy heart,
    I stay alone among unreal friends.
    I am not actress but I play my part
    It`s not amazing and no fear lends.... more »

  • A Legend About Two Stars

    A lot of stars are in the sky,
    They are all golden, bright and shy.
    They live for love, create life dreams,
    When wind about pain screams.... more »

  • A Little Grain

    A little ugly grain in the box
    Is useless, bitter, full of evil jokes,
    Until it lays in it's the deepest grave
    And is of horror tears a mini slave.... more »

  • A Little Hut

    Among cold streets and clouds of dust
    Is way of glory, warm and light,
    To find it you should mind trust
    And go along with hope might.... more »

  • A Moment Of The Life

    A Moment Of The Life

    How to describe a moment of the life?... more »

  • A Mute

    I was a mute of glory great miracles,
    I stood inside my mind of poor thoughts,
    Around crosses and religious pentacles
    And lots of people cries and fears pouts.... more »

  • A Nightingale

    Today I go away from any noise
    To look inside myself, to think, to wait…
    I want to make my brave and lucky choice,
    To do something for happiness, don`t late.... more »

  • A Picture Of My Soul

    A picture of my soul is inside,
    It has a lot of colors, melody.
    Sometimes I am too happy or just tired,
    I write by heart the love and tragedy.... more »

  • A Play Of Wonder

    When stars are open for your mind,
    Your heart is sleepy and inspired.
    All feelings flow into the fire
    Of magic, spiritual desire.... more »

  • A Prayer

    How long I should just go away?
    How long just sit and nothing do?
    Sometimes I have to sleep and stay…
    Oh God, please, answer, give a clue.... more »

  • A Puppeteer

    Today I lost my power, mind, reason…
    All thoughts mixed with fear and nonsense
    I stay at home, imagine rainy season.
    My sloth is of dreams an awful fence.... more »

  • A Walkman

    Somebody goes on way in light,
    He takes his heart inside a bag,
    He needs no lie, no stupid fight,
    He is one`s love, has wings on back.... more »

  • About Love...

    It is so strange to read about love…
    A lot of words, one better other one…
    But saying words is not for love enough,
    It lives in our hearts and is the sun.... more »

  • An Earth`s Spirit

    Around Earth are light and people`s thoughts,
    They fill its spirit, keep the planet`s mind.
    It looks at us, of love and wisdom knots,
    When we try them in our breast to find.... more »

  • An Oath

    I am inside my room without any light,
    With little candles in my trembling hand,
    I am in silence and for wisdom fight,
    With thousand thoughts which in my mind stand.... more »

  • Believe In Dreams

    Believe in dreams when you`re alone,
    When nothing makes your soul smile,
    If you don`t want to speak by phone
    And read by own written file.... more »

  • Four Ghosts

    An awful day and awful night
    Came look at us on darkly side.
    They turn in flame of our thought,
    And sent all people ghosts they got.... more »

  • Friends...

    My eyes are empty with your dreadful light,
    They are just scared by your silent voice.
    Your mind is closed, for my thoughts it is tight.
    But I can say you should to make your choice.... more »

  • From A Guardian-Angel

    To my new friend from India…

    A star is shining in the sky,
    You`re praying for your own heart,... more »

  • Good Future

    One day the weather was upset,
    Cold wind and rain ruffled waves,
    They sang unfriendly, tears met,
    Devoured thoughts as soul slaves.... more »

  • I Am Your Angel

    Please talk to me when sadness full your heart,
    Please call me when somebody hurts you down,
    When you are upset, even crying start,
    When put on black and fearful, awful gown.... more »

  • I Am...

    Oh darkness, crawling on the wall,
    With awful shadows in the hall,
    You bring to my heart evil death,
    So, now I have unknown mess.... more »

  • I Can`t Forget Your Eyes

    I can`t forget your deep and fervent eyes.
    They went inside my tearful, scared soul.
    They were majestic, full of secrets, nice…
    They mixed my mind with love and made me troll.... more »