• I Have No Time....

    I have no time to understand,
    Believe in nothing like a child.
    Sometimes I want to wait and stand,
    To be no perfect, little, mild…... more »

  • I Miss Your Eyes

    I had a lot of words in past
    To say in silence with a tiny voice.
    But each of us has made a private choice,
    Without broken hearts and other noise,... more »

  • I Need A Friend

    I`m lost among futile thoughts
    And now afraid of myself,
    Because I go through darkness plots
    And see by me a fairy elf.... more »

  • I Saw The Hell

    Today I woke up with unhappy mood,
    I was upset and felt myself too ill,
    I was asleep and still in darkness stood,
    I understood my fear should I kill.... more »

  • I`m Sorry...

    Today is very, very cold.
    I sit alone under the sky,
    Remember everything you told
    And I don`t know I want to cry…... more »

  • If We Just Could...

    There is no doubt that the sun is bright,
    And doubtless is way to endless love…
    If we were strong, we could forever fight
    Or else just die, the life is not enough.... more »

  • If You Are My Soul...

    If you are my soul, how could I see it?
    Beginning my day with you smile in my heart.
    Just silence will help us to go without feet,
    To meet our destiny, firing start.... more »

  • If You Cry, Try To Believe

    If you feel the death on your head,
    If you fell into outside dust,
    You should go on your way but don`t stand
    Even if you don`t have any trust.... more »

  • In Blood

    Tonight my soul is covered with blood.
    It`s shaking, crying, bleeding to the death.
    Was full of love, but drowned in stiffing mud
    My heart has lost the rules of Holly Mess.... more »

  • It Seemed I Saw The Light…

    It seemed today I saw a tiny ray of light
    While being weak or dead, unhappy, tight,
    While sledging down through my pour thoughts,
    I saw the light of intricate knots.... more »

  • Just A Poem....

    I always think that if I go
    To visit you in sadness time,
    I`ll kiss you more, I`ll kiss you slow,
    I`ll pass through strange immoral crime…... more »

  • Just Look Inside...

    Just look inside your own thoughts to find the truth,
    It is inside all people’s holly prays,
    It is in blood and pain, lie which cover us.
    And in the moment when we choose the ways.... more »

  • Live Your Life

    There shouldn`t be a way to hide your soul,
    No words, no thoughts, no even empty smiles.
    Let people think your heart is ugly, foul.
    They won`t go on your life time-bound miles.... more »

  • Men Of Motley

    Somebody lives in make-up rooms,
    They have two faces, mind of loons.
    Their eyes are cried, smiles are dead.
    In hands they close all soul`s dread.... more »

  • My Life, My Soul

    Today`s my life much differs from another,
    I stay alone among the tens of friends,
    I am an angel just for you, my brother,
    If our fortune awful quests you sends.... more »

  • My Old Mate

    I feel the melody of broken hearts,
    Just close my eyes and see your tearful face…
    I hear the silence, it in darkness starts,
    I feel you mind, you`re sad in any case.... more »

  • My Treasure

    I`m walking through my life alone
    And sleep in time when people live,
    My heart is jumping broken stone,
    I see the way my dreams believe.... more »

  • My World

    My way, my soul, dreams and hidden home
    Are made of still, illusive face of love.
    Imagine life, imagine spirit pome…
    My mind can be responsible or rough.... more »

  • One Beautiful Legend

    Among two suns we need just see the light,
    Don`t think about endless and the death.
    One day in desert when it was a night
    All angels came for fascinating mess.... more »

  • One Earth`s Angel

    From silent, magic, hopeful wood
    A lot of spirits look at us,
    They know about wrong and good,
    They grow of fortune virgin grass.... more »

  • One Rainy Night

    One part of droplet is the light
    It keeps a poor thought inside,
    It makes the water just fall down
    To fix the mind by loner thrown.... more »

  • People`s Masks...

    What can I do to see your face?
    A lot of people stay in space,
    Each has his own awful mask,
    For me to see it easy task.... more »

  • Real Women

    Reality is nothing when you die,
    So, why we always cry about time?
    All thoughts, dreams in our mind fly,
    They often speak to our nature prime.... more »

  • The Conversation With An Angel

    To introduce myself I should not be so shy.
    And fortune finding means begin to live…
    I see an Angel flying in the sky,
    The Angel always comes on Holly Eve.... more »

  • The Face

    I see the face which follows me at night.
    It tries to say the message to be heard,
    It goes through our thoughts, is dark and light
    And now belongs to someone who was fright…... more »