• The Roads

    Somewhere roads go away
    From fears, greed and foul play,
    They pass the trees under the sky,
    Where lonely hearts prefer to cry.... more »

  • The Spirit

    Unknown spirit is at home,
    It goes by me, it is alone,
    It wants to make my hand to write,
    When we should sleep at darkly night.... more »

  • The Spirit`s Massage

    Hello, my friend, today you`ll know the way,
    Until your life will get the end
    You should just go and be, and stay
    When I my words to people slowly send.... more »

  • The Way Of Love

    There are a lot of ways in life,
    We can just sleep or play the fife,
    We can remember ugly thoughts
    Or write by acts of mind notes.... more »

  • Three Closed Doors

    Before I`ll go inside my sleepy soul,
    I have to open last three closed doors.
    I have to catch the voice of spirit`s call
    And recognize my own evil floors.... more »

  • To Lonely Wolf Song

    I welcome you, my dear friend!
    You`ve met me by the dead of night,
    Let`s sit around time to spend…... more »

  • To My Brother...

    You are alone right now and feel the pain in heart
    Because of broken hopes and false pretense.
    Your face is smiling but you crying start
    And try to understand of fortune dance.... more »

  • To My Future Love

    I want you to be my real best friend,
    I want you to love until all world`s end,
    I want just be near and look in your heart,
    I hope I`ll be helpful and you will be smart.... more »

  • To My Idol

    I can`t imagine that I love
    Somebody in an awful mask.
    It is a joke, a funny task…
    To speak with you is not enough.... more »

  • Today I`m Dead

    Today for everybody I am dead,
    And need not noise; just want to sleep in grave.
    I`m staying still in my unhappy bed,
    I am a puppet and of fortune slave.... more »

  • Today We`re Like Demons, Tomorrow Like God…

    Today we`re like demons, tomorrow like God…
    There are different ways in the world,
    There are marvellous reasons to live
    And lots of miracles in which we believe.... more »

  • We Need To Love

    Sometimes we need just little cry,
    Sometimes to hear 'you are my'.
    We should remember how to be,
    When sit alone under the tree.... more »

  • We`re Not Alike...

    We want to know about our future,
    But changing thoughts is quite a horror task.
    We`re looking for unusual clumsy feature
    And just for fun about angels ask.... more »

  • Why Angels Came...

    One day The Lord all Angels sent,
    To find some love until World`s end.
    He looked at us from Holly Sky
    And wanted know why people cry.... more »

  • You Aren`t Alive

    You sleep alone inside your shell,
    Like ugly demon in the Hell,
    Like murders wait for painful time
    To make their awful hellish crime.... more »

  • You`ll Never Hurt Me Down...

    I always stay alone with own mind,
    Nobody understands my broken heart…
    It`s difficult to say and be on side,
    When you should just no smile, no joke, work hard.... more »