• Chemical Curtains

    There's a room that I live in
    here inside my head
    rage leashed by chemicals
    hanging on by a thread... more »

  • Do This For Me

    I asked the sky to cry for me
    my tearducts have run dry
    the thoughts tear at me in my head
    till I feel like I could die... more »

  • Home Is Where Our War Is

    There's war in our streets
    senseless murders are numbered
    families shattered in grief
    struggling to remember... more »

  • My Son

    Yesterday I had a son
    Today a memory
    Three shots and it was done
    Tore apart our family... more »

  • Questions

    Pain is the only emotion
    that i can still feel.

    If that goes away... more »

  • Why Ask Why?

    'Why? ' is the question
    in our mind
    the helpless thought
    from all humankind... more »

  • Worthy Memories

    What a great day it is
    when our world is full of joy
    It's a blessing to have memories
    that nothing can destroy... more »