I've just left school, with no idea
what i want to do as a career. I do
know that I enjoy writing - but
also know that usually you don't
get far by writing. This can now be
a place that I can use to store my
memory's that have been placed into
poems and maybe one day when I'm
older, I will look back and think
'I remember that! '. Rather than
keep a diary I can use this to let
out my emotions! I understand
that I am not very skilled when it
comes to writing poems, but it is
something that I do really enjoy,
and if by any chance, I do write
one good piece, then please do let
me know :)


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There Once Was A Girl, Who's Heart Was Breaking

There once was a girl, who's heart was breaking.
Her sides, her stomach, her eyes were all aching.
Her hands, her legs and her lips, too shaking.... more »

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