• A Roman Doll

    (In a Museum)
    How an image of paint and wood
    Leaped to her life with a love's control,
    Struck the chords of her motherhood,... more »

  • A Statue In The Garden

    I was a goddess ere the marble found me.
    Wind, wind, delay not!
    Waft my spirit where the laurel crowned me!
    Will the wind stay not... more »

  • Convention

    The snow is lying very deep.
    My house is sheltered from the blast.
    I hear each muffled step outside,
    I hear each voice go past.... more »

  • Her Going

    The Wife
    Child, why do you linger beside her portal?
    None shall hear you now if you knock or clamor*
    All is dark, hidden in heaviest leafage.... more »

  • Motherhood

    Mary,the Christ long slain,passed silently,
    Following the children joyous astir
    Under the cedrus and the olive tree,... more »

  • On The Jail Steps

    I've won the race.
    Young man, I'm new!
    Old Sallow-face
    Good luck to you!... more »

  • Peace

    Suddenly bells and flags!
    Suddenly -- door to door --
    Tidings! Can we believe,
    We, who were used to war?... more »