Living in the Chicago area of Illinois, I generally write poems about what I feel, what I see or how I feel about what I can see around me. My poems tend to touch on everything: Religion, Drugs, Love, Hate, War, Suicide and Demons that haunt us. Poetry is my release from the stress and pressure of the world around me. Some poems of mine have double or even triple meanings, and are generally defined by the state of mind you read them in.


Electric Tripp Poems


Cat o nine tails to my back
I love the sound of that crack
Rushing pain welting my skin
Thoughts of you fill my head... more »

Light Up The Night

Originally posted in 2008, however some issues occured and all my poetry was deleted, however I had a copy of it stored and am reposting it now

Dancing to another tune under the new blue moon
Holding the one you shove closer then one you love... more »

Beautiful Magic

As we sink into desire
And lose ourselves in our eyes
Passion burns like fire
And tell each other there are no lies... more »

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James Nicholas 12 Dec 2007 10:46
i am going to bed but i will read more tomarow i bookmarted your page and all i have to say is daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn publish a book you will be famous talk to you later
James Nicholas 12 Dec 2007 10:32
seriously write a book it will sell and make you rich and then even more rich (and so on and so forth) dude come on your amazing