• Computer Heart

    I feel computers’ heart down in my chest
    its beat as low and level as a Monday morning
    its digital command of visors in my head
    as perfect as a neatly staged religious mourning... more »

  • Constant Craving

    I'll burst to shards
    because of you
    so absent by my side
    your nails so red & wildly sharp... more »

  • Edge Of 17 Movie

    You think you're different
    A story of make-believe
    Still waiting for something
    Sure you're going to commit... more »

  • Hand Touch

    When I hold your hand
    My life is whole
    I feel fulfilled
    And upright I stand... more »

  • I Draw With Words...

    I draw with words of an angry paint
    My life's complexion is slightly faint
    My cheekbones high in an easy bite
    A phantom headache's embrace is light... more »

  • Jumping Over The Rainbow

    Devided between, the forces of dark and light
    I look tentatively left and hopefully to the right
    Though clearly none is happy to move and fight
    My fears are strong enough to water us black and white...... more »

  • Locally Blown Up

    my world is being shattered to peices
    by cold seated deep in your heart
    in a chest where nothing is beating
    still something is ready to start... more »

  • Memories

    Another memory to stay
    Has come without command
    I would have loved it to delay
    And make a handsome round... more »

  • Merlin's Song

    Into blue-grey mist of the evening sky
    Through the moonway curtains ablaze
    Like a march of shells in a roaring tide
    Like a shower of rocks in a sweeping glide... more »

  • Midnight Blue

    The night is going to be long
    I'm feeling blue and washed along
    The coast of someone's happy dreams
    A life exactly what it seems... more »

  • Modality Of Self

    I might seek for a form to fit me in
    Or might I just fall apart?
    For blisters to hurt, to burn and grin
    I might care to hold my part.... more »

  • Oh Dear

    Oh dear, I owe you an apology
    So sais my personal, very private astrologer
    I sure owe you a part of myself
    And half of the chores of my house-elf... more »

  • Shelter Movie

    Seaside. Sunshine. Ocean's touch.
    Life is balancing to and fro.
    You've forgotten so very much.
    You've forgotten to live, little bro.... more »

  • Speaking To The Night

    I've spoken to you through a baby-born night
    Through birches and rain-pattered leaves
    with clouds so black in the wedding-clad skies
    I've bargained a token of dreams.... more »

  • Springtime Rendez-Vous

    My pulse is heated to pace with yours
    So far yet into the heart
    Through night-shut curtains and closed doors
    My lines weave into your chart... more »

  • Wish I Were Spring

    I wish I grew as fast as grass
    In the wake of midday sun
    To clean my blades and draw my guns
    And blind thee with my eyes of glass... more »