• 2014

    I am revising my life.
    I think my right
    theory adopted.
    The blurry sea... more »

  • A Dream Within A Dream

    A dream within a dream
    a life beside a life
    you are dreaming
    but you must beware... more »

  • Anticipation

    Dead are the words
    From your absence
    Lips are sealed
    Continual silence... more »

  • Bloom

    I bloom every dawn
    In sky’s blue
    To the breath of the day
    Seal my blossom... more »

  • Dandelion And Daffodil

    I dressed Autumn

    to welcome you... more »

  • Ebony And Ivory

    I wasn't born in Africa

    but Africa is inside me.... more »

  • Entity

    Lost entity

    in a universe that expands... more »

  • I Let Myself

    I let myself to birds

    I let myself to wind... more »

  • Imprisoned Thou Of Shadows

    The night brought darkness
    Black lace embroidered at moon's face
    it brought the pale light
    that fell on the dark house.... more »

  • Mother

    my cradle' s sweet lullaby
    and lighthouse of my life...
    I love you... more »

  • Mourning

    Sad Spring
    during the mourning
    and your flowers cry.
    The tears of sorrow... more »

  • Nightwalk

    Nightwalk to the sanctuary of my soul
    Hearken to the wispers of remembrances
    I see into back the lychnos of expectation
    I leave the darkness, I return... more »

  • North Wind Of Time

    Α wind of change rages
    blowing furiously
    through the heart's leaves
    which hit themselves... more »

  • Pale Peace

    I will chisel pale doves of marbles
    from the gold and ivory statue of Zeus
    in Ancient Olympia
    and from the Acropolis rocks.... more »

  • Poets Of Eden

    Kavafis, Elytis, Seferis, Sikelianos, Palamas

    All that you ‘re being placed and daydreaming... more »

  • Release Yourself

    As I watched my idol in the mirror

    suddenly I thought... more »

  • Silent Room

    Silent Room,
    absorbs the steps,
    absorb the screams,
    voices, speeches,... more »

  • The Dance Of Erinyes


    to the rescued one... more »

  • The Sea

    ... more »

  • Vulgar Moon

    ... more »

  • Γυμνή Ερωμένη

    Μ ' αγγίζει η απουσία της διάφανης νιότης.
    Γυμνή ερωμένη ενός παλιού Δεκέμβρη,
    ξεδιάντροπη, σαν φάντασμα εμφανίζεται
    στις παγωμένες νύχτες του Χειμώνα... more »

  • Ελλάδα

    Γέρασε η ψυχή της Ελλάδας,
    γέρασε και των αρχαίων η μνήμη.
    Σκονισμένες οι περικεφαλαίες
    σπασμένα τα δόρατα των ένδοξων μαχών... more »

  • Εσύ Εγώ

    Εσύ που εντός μου κατοικείς
    υπαρκτό κι ανύπαρκτο Εγώ
    σχεδόν σαν μια σκέψη
    μεταβάλλεσαι περιστασιακά... more »

  • Η Ελλάδα

    H Ελλάδα...
    Απέραντο γαλάζιο η Ελλάδα,
    ουρανός και θάλασσα γίνονται ένα,
    χάνονται στην αχνή γραμμή του ορίζοντα.... more »

  • Μικρός ανώριμος Θεός

    Εγκλωβισμένη εντός μου
    ουρλιάζω στο νεκρό κορμί.
    -Μ’ ακούει κανείς;
    Ψιθυρίζει η σιωπή ατάραχη... more »