im the quite but bubbly goth sittin in the front of the class listening to music and writing, being lost in her own world. i have been writing since third grade now. it is a passion and a way of life for me. each thought that crosses my mind is in poetic form. i like to call myself a true poet. i dont write because its fun or a venting process i just write because it is who i am and all i know


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Violin Lie

you promise of sweet music and haunting meoldy's of me
a future of lyrical stanza's and notes fairly

empty lies? broken notes... more »


depression acts like a poison.
it lurks into your bones and teeth.
your thoughts, within your mind, turn to repetition
depression, a thick slimy substance that comes up from the deep.... more »


do you hear her?
the voice within the wind?

do you feel her?... more »

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