• 25 Send

    the heartbroken one
    sat at a dinners table with her head in her hand
    she was shaking so badly she could barely stand.
    her dearest friend walked in and sat on the other side... more »

  • 6

    six simple words on my mind at all times;
    they are all i think all i speak
    they are all i see all i breathe... more »

  • Book

    let me speak to you, all the secrets within.
    worry, hope, love and dreams are in me.
    forgotten i am tossed aside.
    i am the world only you can escape to.... more »

  • Butterfly

    i think i got a butterfly
    here with me
    she flew to me
    with wings of blue and green... more »

  • Butterfly Betrayal

    may it break
    may it burn
    may it fall
    let the pressure ruin it... more »

  • Depression

    depression acts like a poison.
    it lurks into your bones and teeth.
    your thoughts, within your mind, turn to repetition
    depression, a thick slimy substance that comes up from the deep.... more »

  • Doves Cry

    for all the tears shed
    for an angel that is dead

    for all the memories... more »

  • Dream Fear

    should i fear all of those people who are near?
    all those people so close, its they who i fear
    you never know the thoughts that i dont speak,
    my heart it falls when my thoughts reach their peak.... more »

  • Glass

    my gentle glass world with holes to look through
    here my mind use to be open and my thoughts flew
    so beautiful the colors that shine
    blues, blacks, and purples, so fine.... more »

  • Heart's Embrace

    for ever shall this curse me?
    this fire with it's amazing warmth and beauty

    for ever shall i see you in the sky... more »

  • Her Shirt

    i dont know what to say, all i know is you use to start my day
    your were my alarm and my lullaby, you made my dreams fly
    you were the suite and i was the dress, when i met you i was such a mess
    as we came into this, i guess we shall leave it like this; a hurt mess... more »

  • Jesse

    i hear these words spoken in the wind by a true friend
    for this voice that speaks to me my heart bends
    your heart holds such a sway to me, your feelings they free me
    your face remains in my mind at all times, your eyes... its a miracle how much i can find... more »

  • Mother

    do you hear her?
    the voice within the wind?

    do you feel her?... more »

  • Old

    memories that only you know
    tear that only you knew flowed
    times of laughing and crying
    pictures that we took dinners we cooked... more »

  • Remember

    remember my name.
    let it be a curse within your heart.
    let it vibrate off the walls inside your head.
    i hope you remember me.... more »

  • Screen Dream

    here late at night i lie gazing at the star lit sky
    and dream of you laying here at my side
    with your hand in mine and us looking into each
    others eyes... more »

  • Spreading Heat

    what am i but just a match? lighting your secret stash.
    my flame is bright; blocking and illuminating your sight
    i give you what you want what you need, and yet still you blow me out with such speed
    my heat you see, its spreads quickly... more »

  • Violin Lie

    you promise of sweet music and haunting meoldy's of me
    a future of lyrical stanza's and notes fairly

    empty lies? broken notes... more »

  • Wind & Waters Beloved

    for it was just a flower on the far
    side of my garden

    it's fallen, and turned brown.... more »

  • Wind's Request

    i wish you could see what this is doing to me

    i wish you would believe how much you mean to me... more »