• All Men Need To Sleep

    In the night when all men need to sleep,
    A man as lonely as I am
    Is crouching in the corner of a bed,
    Tring hard but in vain... more »

  • An Early Summer's Dream

    It is on a fine early summer's day
    That I open my diary with it's advent.
    Though yellowish, it smells fresh anyway.
    I can still sense it's soundless scent.... more »

  • Balloon

    On a fine afternoon, I sit on the balcony,
    Looking at the deep clouds intently.
    You and I travel in a balloon, flying so high.
    And the rainbow appears in the sky.... more »

  • Blood Brothers

    A thunder splits the starless night
    Though in the dark, we long for the light
    Flowers flying in the breeze
    Redden the sky and we all freeze... more »

  • Body And Soul

    Waking down the street of the city,
    I've always felt somehow sad.
    Even a big city like it
    Cannot spare me somewhere to inhabit,... more »

  • Double Fantasy

    Without being noticed and making a sound,
    Fragments in my mind
    Fills the gap of my heart.
    But still the fleeting days... more »

  • Dream Within A Dream

    ... more »

  • Fire And Ice

    Why people say I'm as cold as ice
    Though I'm actually burning as hot as fire?
    All the things around me
    Is like the symptons of having a fever.... more »

  • From Me To You

    Time is just like a relentless knife.
    In a flash it can tear all the promises apart.
    Goodbye doesn't mean we can't see each other again,
    But why can't we firmly make it to the end?... more »

  • Hear The Wind Sing

    When the wind blows, we are walking.
    When it stops, we are leaving.
    Hearing the wind, we wrote down a song.
    When it sings again, will we be strong?... more »

  • Innocent Days

    Again, the rain is ceaselessly falling.
    The people on TV are too stupid to state.
    In the fridge, there is a can of sardine.
    Taking it out, I find it past it's expiration date.... more »

  • My Heart Leaps Up

    In this tumultuous world
    I have no a single word
    But I think I still have time
    To wait for someone in my mind... more »

  • November Eulogy

    In the bustling street where the snow is falling,
    Broken hearts are changed into vapour floating.
    A cold night depicts a moon even colder,
    And coins drop silently into the hand of the loner.... more »

  • Red Street, Blue Tower

    I woke up to find myself in a strange place
    Where a cat dozed off with good grace.
    It seemed that he was fond of dreaming,
    In which he could find a fish, chewing.... more »

  • Starless Night

    On the white worn canvas, the setting-sun softly shines,
    Revealing under the cypress tree the secret lines.
    The sorrow of the journey has become a poem of love;
    The passing years are like the clouds floating above.... more »

  • The Ark

    The swirling night was split by bolt of lightning.
    The scattering stars were torn into pieces.
    The balance of the world started collapsing,
    So did all the inhumane human species.... more »

  • The Beauty In A Thousand Years

    In the moonlit night, flowers and maple trees are sleepless.
    Behind the curtains speads the sadness.
    In the starry night, dancing sleeves and breeze are speechless.
    Under the eaves flow the memories.... more »

  • The Clear Sky

    I always recall my summer's dreams.
    They are all memories like poems.
    With the rainbow's appearing,
    It brings me the purest feeling.... more »

  • The Journey

    You are about to have a new journey,
    During which you will meet many strangers,
    Who will soon become familiar to you.
    But you will be a stranger forever.... more »

  • The Left Eye And The Right Eye

    My left eye is bright;
    My right eye is blurred.
    But somehow
    The world in my left eye is blurred,... more »

  • The Liquidized Fire

    After a long crawling and struggling
    I could take a deep breath finally.
    But I found that what I had been inhaling
    Is but an liquidized fire actually.... more »

  • The Mirror Of Memory

    The mirror reminds me of my childhood
    When we made a promise under the tree.
    Leaves witnessed our brotherhood.
    Our days were just that carefree.... more »

  • The Missing Of Teeth

    I often dream of my teeth missing.
    But realizing that, I've been without dreams.
    What is the meaning of it?
    I cannot make it clear.... more »

  • The Moment

    In a starry night on a summer's time fly fireflies.
    The moon is silent, washing down the dust.
    In the woods, I find tears welling up in my eyes.
    For the nostalgic, sipping the wine is a must.... more »

  • The Other Shore

    In my childhood I always stood tiptoe to have a glance
    At the other shore but in vain in the distance.
    From then I made up my mind to sail in the future
    To fight against the fierce waves azure.... more »