EM Eli MorenoDrew 7/20

Hey everyone! I'm 18 and live in a up-in-coming town called El Centro. Well i've been writing poetry for about two years now. Not to toot my own horn, but it just comes really naturally to me. My mom (who sadly was my English Teacher) taught me all the elements of poetry which i already know completely by heart. Some of my poems are good, some aren't. It's like sports, ya win some ya lose some. I also notice that i have Amadeus syndrome where i really don't like to change what i've written. I'm completely open to suggestions and criticisms. Thank everyone soooo much! i really appreciate it.



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Your poems are quite profound. Something about them rings.
Your style hopefully will pull in more poets someday soon.: D I hope mine does. And not just poets but other things too. People relie on others for inspiration, so lets give it to em!