• 6 Hours

    There is no future, I’ve forgotten my past.
    It doesn’t stop me from feeling afraid.
    Or cowering in the corner, huddled closely to the blade.
    And when you find me in the morning... more »

  • Butterfly Effect

    Watch the butterfly float past
    Did its wings fly in a different motion
    To the way we marveled at before?
    Pushing forward through this life... more »

  • Dear Mom,

    You got what you always wanted.
    Power. Control. Possession.
    And how does it make you feel?
    This is who you are Mom.... more »

  • Final Payback

    Let me hold your hand.
    Memories of pain no longer exist,
    In our world.
    Free from hate and suffering…... more »

  • Forgotten Suicidal

    I’m sorry.
    I’m so, so sorry.
    For thinking these things
    For considering how many pills it would take to kill me for certain...... more »

  • True Friend

    If I had the chance, I’d wish for a friend:
    Much greater than I.
    Someone who understands the power of speech,
    the beauty of one’s own voice,... more »

  • Why Do You Do It?

    'Why do you do it.'They'll ask.
    'I dont know'I would say.
    Maybe thats the reason.
    Because Im confused.... more »