• About My Planet

    I ask my daughter to name the planets.
    'Venus...Mars...and Plunis! ' she says.
    When I was six or seven my father
    woke me in the middle of the night.... more »

  • Me And You

    You leaned over and you kissed me
    I felt my knees go weak
    You leaned over and you kissed me
    I couldn't even speak... more »

  • Pledge Of Love

    I've made a vow, to no one but you
    I pledge my love to forever be true
    I'll take care of you and treat you right
    I'll lay beside you all through the night... more »

  • The Kiss

    Her face is full of angles and bones;
    Our teeth click
    In a tangle of tongue and lip;
    Her eyes stare at my face,... more »

  • What Is Love

    Love Is...

    Love is the greatest feeling,
    Love is like a play,... more »