• Abstract

    I never once looked before I jumped
    They say that's just because I'm young
    And when I fall down and skin my knees
    I never believe that I will bleed, running wild, living free, The freest we will ever be... more »

  • Call Of Duty

    give me the mask, it's here, call of duty is back. setup the scene, drop bombs, we're under attack. it's just me and my dog, and a whole lotta trashed land, we are about to clean it up, somebody get me a trash can.

    like ghosts, we are silent, you'll never know that we are close until we're right behind ya, then *pow* it's too late cause we've already went violent, consider it an honor that you died by the hands from an elite guy like I.... more »

  • Call Of Duty Vs Battlefild 4

    all we hear are gunshots, Headed into war,
    Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4
    emptying our clips and burying the bones
    rolling with our squad, we don't ever go alone... more »

  • Up Slow

    Swag capital
    Ok its whizzle. I'm back like your spinal
    Switch it up to the top, yeah, men f*ck the middle
    Real g, I'm realer than live t.v... more »