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    Yo nunca te podre ver asi
    Pues te eh amado desde te conoci
    Tu me isiste feliz el dia que dijiste que si
    Tu eras toda para mi... more »

  • A Love Story

    Planning to take his own life
    In one hand he holds a knife
    His life meant nothing to him
    But little did he know suicide is a sin... more »

  • Amor

    Desde el primer dia que te vi
    Me fije en ti
    Y supe que eras para mi
    Con esa figura tan ermosa... more »

  • Destroying Da Cycle

    I will kill ur hopes n dreams
    N in da end
    u'll be nuthing more than suicidal machines
    Cuz nuthing is wat it seems... more »

  • Enceñame A Olividar

    Por mi corazon pasan los sentimientos
    Por mi cabeza pasan los pensamientos
    Pero mi corazon no puede acceptar
    Ni mi cabeza te puede olvidar... more »

  • Eyes Of Truth

    As I stared into her eyes
    I soon realized
    The life she lived
    The love she gave... more »

  • Hidden Feelings

    I can't express da feelings I have inside
    Emotions I tried so hard to hide
    But itz so hard when she's always by my side
    Now my emotions r begining to slide... more »

  • Killer Memories

    Memories are just a way to relive your failure
    Its a torture
    It's a haunting
    That keeps taunting... more »

  • Live Life

    Have you ever look up at the sky?
    And wondered if your whole life was a lie?
    Was our creation
    Really a cell mutation?... more »

  • My Babii

    You are my treasure
    My love for you is beyond measure
    Like the billions of stars that you cannot count
    My love for you is way more than that amount... more »

  • My History(Again)

    This is how my story starts
    It begins with a broken heart
    My begining is my end
    And still I remain condemed... more »

  • Prisoner Of Love

    Its been almost a year
    And I find myself drowning in tears
    Thinking my baby
    Thinking of my ex-lady... more »

  • Rejected Destiny

    Every now and then you sit down and wonder
    What would life be like if you took the other direction?
    If you went back and changed your selection
    Would you feel the same connection?... more »

  • The Mind

    Our mind is a strange phenomenon
    Although this may sound meaningless
    One could become a retard or a genius
    Take Einstine for instance... more »

  • The Truth About 'Love'

    As confusion invades my every thought
    Doubt it the ultimate product
    Doubtin if my life will ever be the same
    Producing this inbearable pain... more »

  • Unspoken Chapter

    My life is like an open book
    Has everyone has had a look
    But only one managed to write a chapter
    A section of my life which can't be erased... more »

  • What's Courage?

    Here's a question thats always on the back of your mind
    With an answer nearly impossible to find
    What is courage?
    People often mistake courage for bravery... more »

  • What's Love Without Hate?

    What's love without hate?
    Read between the lines and translate
    Without hate
    Love wouldn't exist... more »