• Different

    I will let go
    when I want
    It is my life
    They are not the counsel I've sought... more »

  • Enough

    When does it stop?
    Why does it go on?
    The sun never stops shining
    The rain never stops falling... more »

  • Even Me

    I am surrounded by water
    but there's not a drop to drink

    I am on solid ground... more »

  • Hope

    I crouch behind a bush
    my heart is racing fast
    I can't get rid of the memories
    I can't run away from the past... more »

  • I Am A Woman

    I am a woman
    I am weak, I am strong
    I am quiet, I am loud
    I am a woman... more »

  • Silence

    What would it be like
    to go through everyday

    Without speaking a single word... more »

  • Stay Strong

    She stands on the shore
    her dress billowing in the air
    She can feel the ocean breeze
    on her face and in her hair... more »

  • The Invisible Girl

    She looks to the sky
    So innocent, so visible
    but still not seen... more »

  • The Oceans Lesson

    I stand in the ocean
    with my toes in the sand
    with the breeze in my hair
    and water in my hand... more »

  • The Wind

    Listen to the wind
    Listen to it's story

    Hear about it's works... more »

  • Trees

    I stand alone in the forest
    underneath the trees

    Everything seem to pull at me... more »

  • Whispers

    I hear all the whispering
    of things she never got to tell

    Her adoring and watching daughter... more »