• Angelika, On Fire With The Lord!

    Angelika, A very beautiful name;
    I will never forget you;
    When you were small, you will try to stand up but then
    you fall down on the bed;... more »

  • Dad

    It was ten years ago today that God called you home
    It broke our hearts to lose you,
    and now we are so alone.... more »

  • Goodbyes Are Finally Here Yet

    I used to believe that you are my destiny, my love and true love.
    But things had changed since you started to act strangely;
    till I found out you’re cheating on me.
    Your hallow lies I can no longer bear.... more »

  • Happy Birthday Hon

    Happy Birthday Hon
    And Happy 10th year Wedding Anniversary too!
    We met in the year 1998
    We got maried in 1999;... more »

  • Happy Mother's Day, Mother!

    Nothing could be so beautiful
    than the memories of your little girl;
    The thought of the unique and wonderful person I am today
    is because I got them all from you mother;... more »

  • Have A Happy Birthday Hon

    I miss you today;
    'guess we won't be spending it together;
    because we are far away from each other;
    But one thing i can be sure of;... more »

  • Lend Me Your Heart

    I am very thankful in such a way
    In this world I wish you to stay
    I owe you all that you gave to me
    I hope you are here celebrating with me.... more »

  • My Dearest Husband

    My dearest Husband
    I love you and I love you and I love you.
    My love for you continues to flow like the waterfall.
    And it leads to a deep ocean of love just for you.... more »

  • Oh God!

    Dedicated to the Lord:

    Oh God!... more »

  • One Night In May

    One night in May
    One night in May
    I looked through the window
    glittering shadows greeted me... more »

  • Sweetheart

    How are you?
    Are you fine or getting tired?
    Do you need a warm bath and nice massage?... more »

  • Tanya So Beautiful, So Innocent

    Tanya, So beautiful, so Innocent
    I remember when she was born
    She look so tiny in her Mother's arms
    Her Dad stood by her... more »

  • The Moon And I

    I love to walk on a summer night
    with the moon above shining bright
    with me in a sullen melancholic plight.... more »

  • This Longing For You

    This longing for you is making me sad;
    Not seeing you by my side is making me mad;
    I long for you every moment of day;
    Your voice to hear;... more »

  • Yes It's Your Birthday

    Yes it's your Birthday!
    Yes it is your birthday. You are looking forward to this day.
    You are waiting for people to remember it.
    You are anxious for them to even mention it.... more »

  • Your Birthday Is Coming!

    Hey there you!
    Your birthday is coming.
    It will be tomorrow.
    Now what would you do?... more »