• A Ghazal (Many A Secret It Hides...)

    Many a secret it hides, life's like that
    In nobody it confides, life's like that

    Often it makes mortals cry, sometimes laugh,... more »

  • Adoration

    I broke my heart at your feet
    But you did not deign
    To glance at my offering.... more »

  • Beauty

    Faces, a sea of faces,
    Does one come across,
    Apparently with common features,
    -Then why do they seem... more »

  • Bereavement

    "Mother is no more! "
    Words that strike the mind like lightning,
    Benumb the heart like ice,
    Shatter one's world like an earthquake.... more »

  • Captivity

    Within invincible walls
    Of an invisible prison,
    Man serves a life sentence.... more »

  • Conflict

    The unwary heart,
    Caught in a whirlpool of desires,
    Loath to drown in the sea of sorrow,
    Clutches desperately at straws of hope,... more »

  • Crowning Glory

    Poets wax eloquent on the tresses
    Of fair maidens framing their faces
    Like dark clouds surrounding the moon
    Or like the coolness of shade at noon... more »

  • Dreams

    Dream if you must, but only while asleep!
    When you awake from your disturbed slumber
    You'll realize that what you thought you saw
    Was only a figment of your imagination,... more »

  • Existence

    As a creeper was I born,
    Meant by nature to be supported,
    But fate willed otherwise!
    Weaker ones clung to me for survival;... more »

  • From 'I' To 'I'(Main Se Main Tak - Dr. Shyam Bharadwaj)

    In the inner chambers of the house of glass
    Innumerable glass pieces shimmer;
    Peeping from these fragments of glass
    Are images in various shades;... more »

  • From Rags To Rags

    Little urchins, clad in shabby rags,
    Carrying shabbier bags,
    Rummage garbage bins
    To earn a semblance of a living,... more »

  • Ghazal - Life's Like That

    Many a secret it hides, life's like that
    In nobody it confides, life's like that

    Often it makes mortals cry, sometimes laugh,... more »

  • Haikus

    Every writer hopes
    That his words will outlive him
    How many succeed?... more »

  • Longing

    Thus said a dewdropp to a rose:
    "As the jealous wind pushes me down
    From your soft fragrant petals,
    I visualize a heartless woman... more »

  • Love Long Past (Pehli Si Mohabbat -Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

    Ask me not, my beloved, for the love long past
    I thought your presence filled life with radiance

    If I have your grief, why struggle with the world's woes?... more »

  • Monarchy

    Like a benign king, for ages past,
    I sheltered all who came to me
    -Children, elders, travelers, lovers;
    Homes I gave to birds and squirrels,... more »

  • Neighbour

    Once an expert of the Jewish law
    To test Lord Jesus, a fine chance saw,
    And said 'Laws are many, big and small,
    Which is the greatest of them all? '... more »

  • Nostalgia

    Wistfulness….A withered rose
    Bereft of colour and fragrance,
    Whose thorns still retain
    Their painful sting.... more »

  • Pathways

    Diverse are the pathways
    In the journey of life,
    At times rough and tortuous
    With slippery roads... more »

  • Penury

    It may be true that
    Beggars can't be choosers,
    But how unfortunate
    Are those mortals,... more »

  • Poetry (Kavita By Maryam Ghazala)

    In this country,
    Poetry is an aged mother.
    She can support you with maternal love,
    But cannot put... more »

  • Retrospection

    A whiff of fragrance blows
    From the vale of memories,
    Bringing with it visions
    Of buoyant childhood, happy-go-lucky youth,... more »

  • Shadows Of Love

    'Love is unending,
    Love is unbending,
    It is a flame unquenchable,
    It's strength invincible! '... more »

  • Whimsical Writer

    Each heart holds a book of memories,
    Whose pages are filled haphazardly
    By a whimsical writer
    Whose name is Time.... more »

  • Wishes

    When I was a little girl,
    My wishes were fanciful…
    To be a butterfly fluttering in the garden,
    A fluffy cloud sailing in the sky,... more »