Elizabeth Padillo Olesen Quotes

'God is omniscient and omnipotent.He does not need humans to be defenders of his Holy Name. He invites us instead to be defenders/protectors of his beloved creations: human beings and nature.'
Elizabeth's own statement on the subject on terrorism.
Our human heart is the house of love but it also houses hate. The love of Christ helps us conquer the surging hate that separates us from our fellow human beings. Learn to forgive.
reflection on hate that drives people to destroy others.
Human beings have the tendency to destroy the natural environment, and nature has its own way of striking back by its own raging fury.
while looking back at the natural calamities which claimed many lives of people.
The tragedy in France shook the world. The ideology of hate and revenge shakes the very foundation of freedom and justice.
On the massacre in Paris...
Peace starts in every human heart with one's decision not to nurture hate.
Attributed to the reality how hate is able to control over human beings if given place to grow in human heart.
Our world is in a limbo of fear psychosis. If the trend of terror and threats continue in our time, then we disregard the sanctity of every human life and our God-given responsibility to uphold and protect it.
sad about wars, terror attacks and the rise of jihadists
Humility is recognizing that our life, all that we have as resources, and all talents are gifts from God meant to be used to bless our lives and the lives of others. Humility is living in submission to a divine presence, that summons us to use what we have to uphold and protect our life and the life of others.
reflecting on essence of humility in relation to human pride.
Pride is recognizing that all that we are, and all that we own and acquire are ours and for us alone, secured by our own efforts and power.
just reflecting on the polarity between human pride and humility.
What is the source of joy? It starts from the heart - that whatever happens, there is hope in God.
joy and hope
It is only when your heart is with in things that you do, you can harvest joy. Guard your heart, and let it only be a chamber of love and not of hate.
just reflecting the role of the heart in everything that we do.